Logo Designs And Business Logo Names, Please Enlighten Me?

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questj | 10:06 Sun 15th Dec 2013 | Business & Finance
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Im here in the Philippines, I'm planning to launch two websites, 1.) just a small Job Portal, with advertisements, etc. 2.) small Blog and Informational site, with advertisements, etc.

I had asked some agencies here, I only need to register my business, if I will be putting an Online Shop, so I think I think in my case, there's no need.

My question is: can just anyone create a Logo and Name for his/her website, as long as it is not similar Name to any websites or businesses out there?

I mean, even if just get a simple logo "template" from anywhere or if I just get an icon from any sites, for example sites like, then just use Microsoft Paint, just add "TEXT" next to it, then just put on my website?

Or are there any processes to follow or whatsoever?

Are there any Laws on launching websites, displaying logos or logo names, if so, where can I educate myself?


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Some lawyers may be able to advise but , based on all your other posts, I'm wondering whether you are looking for complications where they don't really exist. There are millions of websites and logos across the world. People just set them up. As long as you clearly haven't based it on another well known logo I can't see a problem. I'd just get on and do it. Alternatively, rather than trying to research so many things yourself I'd just use the services of an IP lawyer
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