Wonga Taking Payment From Wrong Account(Fraud)

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chas2008 | 08:57 Fri 08th Feb 2013 | Business & Finance
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my daughter has just had £350 taken from her account by someone who has taken out a Wonga loan and supplied them with my daughters details as the backup payment method..Apparently you just need the name,account number & expiry date...
The bank (nat west)is refunding but not interested in getting the plod involved, i would of thought as a loan Wonga would have checked details so the fraud would be easy to trace...
This is not an isolated case with with Wonga..


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The bank themselves may not be interested in getting the police involved but maybe your daughter should. She should report it firstly to make sure it is made aware of (as you say this isn't an isolated case) and secondly to secure her account from it possibly happening again. May I suggest the following;

(The following is extract taken from the above site/page:

Fraud and Scams

If you are a victim of Fraud, often also referred to as ‘scams’, you should make a report.

The National Fraud Reporting Centre Action Fraud is available to report fraud offences on line or by phone.

Local Police should take a formal report of fraud in the following circumstances:

Where the person suspected of committing the crime can be easily identified.
Where the person reporting or the victim is vulnerable.
Where the crime is in progress.
Victims of fraud often believe that they know the person who has defrauded them because of what they have been told by mail, phone or over the internet.

Fraudsters use technology to hide their true whereabouts and identity.
All information that they have provided about themselves may be false.
Action Fraud will accept reports from overseas where money has been lost and there is a clear link to the UK. A report to your local Police in your country should also be made.

Hope this helps.
From same website/page:

Credit cards, bank debit cards, cheques and bank accounts

If your Credit Card, Bank Debit Card, Cheques or Bank details have been used by fraudsters, your bank or other financial Institution must be informed, they make a report to Action Fraud. However, if your Bank or Financial Institution will not reimburse you, or your bank has instructed you to, a report must be made, as above.
If a fraudulent account has been set up in your name and you don’t have a relationship with that bank or card company, a report must be made by you.
If you have lost or had stolen any of the above items, a separate report must be made to Police.
The police are realy not interested in small individual case of fraud - maybe they should be but they just don't have the resources and are unlikley to get them.

In the end it's Wonga who have been defrauded, not your daughter or the bank
It is ultimately Wonga's problem because they failed to pick-up that the 'authorisation' they had for payment from a 'back-up account' aligned to the name and signature to the actual owner of that account.
But the bank has failed as well as they allowed a fraudulent authorisation document supplied to Wonga to pass their own security checks before releasing the money.
This should be
Wonga takes Wonga from wong account !

OK - Yeah report it - because in the future someone will ask you why you didnt ( and then draw inferences from that failure - you know what people are like )

I dont agree that wong person is the victim - I think your daughter is as well whether or not there has been restitution.

and finally dont forget CIFAS - something something fraud something something. You pay them £14 and then opening further credit lines is made much more difficult. The cloning of her ID is something you have to pay attention to. goggle CIFAS - ring the number - get signed up and pay 14 quid by credit card. [and yeah I am speaking from experience ]
The bank will report the fraud as required by law. Your daughter is not the victim as she is being refunded in full and will suffer no loss.

The fraud will be investigated by the relevant authorities. If your daughter is not satisfied with this action she could tell her story to the local or national newspapers.

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Wonga Taking Payment From Wrong Account(Fraud)

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