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cupotee | 22:51 Sun 30th Dec 2012 | Business & Finance
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How do some online companies get away with charging so much postage?

I decided to purchase a window blind from a curtain store. I already have an identical item so knew what I wanted.

A roller blind 24 " wide they wanted £8 p&p. Its less than 10 miles from home so not across the country.

I will wait til later when I can get their to collect it myself.

Same applied to a couple of chest of drawers. I have some other furniture in the same range so thought it would be simple to purchase online. Delivery from 3 different agents varied from £35.00 to FREE delivery. The products were all the same asking price. No need to guess who I chose.


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Wanted to buy a bookcase from a charity shop. £6.50. Delivery charge, (quarter of a mile) £10.
I am awaiting delivery of a dining room table and chairs. This is costing over £700. When the salesman announced there was a £59 delivery charge I announced I would go elsewhere, he instantly waived the charge. Buyer power!
If the company is using Royal Mail, £8 p&p doesn't sound unreasonable. (The charge would be the same irrespective of whether you're net door to the supplier or hundreds of miles away). A 2kg packet costs £8.30 to send by First Class post, or £5.30 as a parcel.
£8 is good value for P&P. Have you any idea how much the post office and couriers charge?
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they dont calculate it based on the distance you live from the company!

and even if they did, the item could be coming from elsewhere
it is a set fee regardless.

i expect the effort for you to drive there, petrol time etc will outweigh the £8 ...

daisy, they dont have to deliver to you at all ... they were doing you a favour - the £10 is to cover not just the petrol - but the cost of the use of a van, loading up, the man to drive it, him carrying the item, maybe another person to help carry it, their time ... then theres the return journey...
it would have seemed like a bargain if youd had to organise your own van, people and carrying it!
If you don't like the postage don't buy the item
Some companies do take advantage, I ordered a small electrical connector and if you held it in your hand you wouldn't notice it, and it cost £1. The postage was £10 and when it came it was in a small plastic bag and a first class stamp would have covered the postage.
One instance that really annoys me is on one of the 'selling channels'.

It is £7.99 per item regardless. So if you buy a costume ring from them it arrives in a small padded bag. And if you order a 50" TV it still costs the same.

Things have - in recent clearance sale gone for £1 even 1p - but still its £7.99 p&p.

Also if you multi-buy they still charge £7.99 an item. I haven't done this but I wonder if they deliver each one in a separate parcel or are they all in one delivery?

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