Retrieving funds back from a cheque sent.

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xraanswerban | 19:01 Tue 31st Jul 2012 | Business & Finance
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Hi, I have been told that funds from a cheque sent can be retrieved by your bank.
If this is correct, how do I go about it, and what length of time do I have untill it times out.


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As a generalisation it's not true - there may be some specific circumstances where it is possible though
I am having to make an assumption here that you have issued a cheque to someone who has paid it into their account and it has been debited from your account. Once it has been paid, unless the cheque was fraudulent it cannot be returned unpaid. You would have had up to the morning it was received at your bank to stop payment.
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It was on the radio 4 money program that a cheque could be refunded after it has been cashed.
Yes, it can, if it was stolen or fraudulent.

What are your circumstances?

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Retrieving funds back from a cheque sent.

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