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greenlily | 16:46 Mon 09th Jul 2012 | Business & Finance
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I just got a text from Next (I have an account with them) telling me about a sale. The message said to text the above number with the word 'Next' if I didn't want to receive any more messages. I did this without thinking (doh), then Googled the number to find that this is a number that is used for lots of companies (for different reasons), and that texts to the number cost 50p!
I'm closing my account with Next now, I hate being ripped off by companies selling my info - the 81066 number is obviously owned by an organisation that pays these companies for details.
Sorry, just had to whine out the bad thoughts, and maybe warn anyone else out there who might be as dippy sometimes as I am! Thanks for listening :D


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.... and the worse thing is, by sending a text to that number, they now know that your phone number is active, so there's a good chance you'll be receiving more texts.
I never reply to any of them texts that have something along the lines of, "reply STOP to opt out".
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Arrgghhh, didn't even think of that, Gizmonster! How can I be so darn careful with emails and then let every random texter know my details?! Grrrr, only have myself to blame!
It's an Ofcom requirement that all users of 'PRS shortcode' numbers MUST recognise and act upon a 'STOP' text. If they don't, they risk having their access to the phone service terminated, together with facing heavy fines (of up to a quarter of a million pounds for each text sent after a 'STOP' message has been received!)

Further, the operators of such services are barred from charging you for a 'STOP' text (although your phone provider will still charge for the text as usual unless, of course, you get free texts anyway).

However, as Greenlily's post indicates, some text services are linked together. So it's better to send 'STOP ALL'. Once again, the service operator MUST stop sending texts and, once again, you can't be charged by the firm receiving the text.

So sending 'STOP' (or, better, 'STOP ALL') is always well worth doing.

I've started receiving messages from mobile numbers - not the usual ones that begin with an 8.
They also offer the "text STOP to opt out", etc.
It's obviously an automated system that they've set up and I reckon replying to one of these would def have a knock-on effect, insofar as more texts received etc.
It's my belief that companies using mobiles for this purpose, are just backstreet companies, that ignore the rules and prob only use the mobile number for a short period of time, then change it.
Personally, I've found it works - there is a small charge of the phone bill but it stops the nuisance texts.

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Text message to 81066

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