do you get taxed from the start of employment

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adampember | 20:29 Fri 29th Jun 2012 | Business & Finance
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Im 19. I started my job in march. before this job i was on job seekers allowance for 8 months, i heard that you have to earn upto 8 thousand pounds in a tax year before you get deducted any tax. yet I've been getting deducted around £30 for tax and n.i on around £247 a week . Should i be getting taxed this much yet? Thanks


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April was the start of a new tax year so tax should be being deducted. For March you may or may not have had to pay tax depending on total earnings including JSA (as JSA is taxable)
yes that's about right, unless you are on an emergency tax code ending X?
You get 1/12th of your annual tax free allowance per month (currently £8105 this tax year) and pay tax on what you earn above that each month. What you don't do is get £8015 of pay tax free then start paying tax. So yes, you pay tax from the start of your employment.
Assuming you have the standard tax allowance (£8105) on £247 a week you will pay approximately £18 tax and £12 ni
- so the £30 is correct.
Use this to work your tax out on a weekly/monthly/etc basis..
The PAYE liability is designed to even out your liability over the course of the tax year. It is based on an assumption that you will continue to be paid throughout the year at the same average rate as to date. It is not always a brilliant system at getting it right. If you stop work part way through the year or for some other reason end up overpaying the tax then you can apply to get the excess back.

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do you get taxed from the start of employment

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