fix in to mortgage or tracker or go onto variable?!

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pinkcowprint | 07:48 Thu 21st Jun 2012 | Business & Finance
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Hi our mortgage is coming to an end nxt month.we can fix in at current rate of 4.49% which we are on now...or go onto the variable of 4.29%..i think the tracker rate is same as the fixed..anyone predict if thy think fixed rate will go up soon or stick with variable for a few month in case it could go down?


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I stayed on fixed last time, at least you know where you are with it. 0.2 %per cent variation isn't going to make that much difference each month - and variable (as they say) can go up as well as down....
plus one with boxy. Not attractive enough difference in interest rate to take the risk of tracker.
i dont really understand your question - a fixed rate is fixed, meaning it will not go up (or down) soon.
I'm with the first two, your budgeting will be certain during the fixed period. Bednobs: it's to do with the fixed-rate deals on offer in the near future, can we expect them to be lower than they are today?

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fix in to mortgage or tracker or go onto variable?!

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