My Credit File Is Wrong!!

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dylankirby | 06:54 Mon 23rd Apr 2012 | Business & Finance
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I just ordered a copy of my credit file, and there is something on there as a default that does not belong to me what do I do?

Natwest placed it on there, but I cannot contact them as it does not show the account number and the name is slightly different, ie I am Dylan Kirby and it says Daniel Kirby and I am not that person.

I remember in the past I recieved a few debt collection letters for then what turned out to be this person and I told them it is not me, but we happen to share the same date of birth apparently.

I have never held a Natwest bank account ever, and now I have a default from 2011 appear on my file for -£3900!

Please how do I get this sorted the fastest?


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I think the first thing to do is write a letter to the credit reference agency concerned, explaining everything and if possible, send proof that you are not Daniel Kirby. They could, of course, be suspicious that you're using an alias to obtain credit by deception and I suppose you do have to see it from their point of view: A guy with almost the same name as you, even right down to the same date of birth. I think it might also be wise for you to write a letter to the NatWest bank explaining the situation. Obviously they won't give out details of another person's account but surely they must have Daniel Kirby's signature on file, which could be a step in the right direction of proving you and he are two completely different people.

Alternatively, you could have a word with the Citizen's Advice Bureau, but personally, I'd get those letters written and sent off to the credit reference agency and the NatWest. Remember, the longer you leave it, the more suspicious it looks.
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I did that this morning I am really worried about it, what of this default also messes up my existing credit eg they take my overdraft etc away and credit cards because of this
OK, here's what I found on the Credit Expert site:-

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Thanks I'm just panicking how can they do this!! I've never had a account and if my existing credit cards or bank take my overdraft all away cause this default came on, has anyone else experienced this?
Dylan, I think if your payments with your existing credit cards are up to date (i.e. no late payments), and your bank overdraft isn't in the red, then you'll be just fine. I think they would be more inclined to judge you on how you've been paying them and as long as your payment history has been satisfactory, I really can't see you having a problem. Obviously it may affect any future credit you apply for with different companies which is why it's imperative you get this sorted out asap.

As a matter of interest, I joined Credit Card Protection about six years ago for a relatively small annual fee. This not only protects all my bank cards, credit cards and store cards, but also allows me access to my Experian credit report without any additional costs. I am notified immediately if there are any changes (or suspicious activity) to my credit report or even when someone (i.e. finance company) accesses my report. I know I may be thinking ahead here but it might be worthwhile you to getting this when you finally sort out this mess, although I believe a lot of banks now offer this as part of their service.

Last year I had reason to change the account I had with my bank because the one I had didn't have an overdraft facility. Basically what I was doing was closing one account (one I'd had for many years) and opening another one that would allow for overdrafts. When I got home from the bank I got a notification from Experian that someone had accessed my credit report and when I checked I saw it was my bank. However, I think this is just formality when someone opens a new account.

Unfortunately, I don't think there's any "quick fix solution" to get your problem resolved and I do understand how frustrating this must be for you. I sincerely hope you manage to get this incorrect information removed from your credit report and without too much hassle. Please keep us posted on how things work out.

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My Credit File Is Wrong!!

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