My Bank has recalled a standing order that was legitimally paid into my account. They say that they have repaid the payment to the sender and now I have to send them a cheque. Is this correct and can they just take the funds from my account?

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Really_Annoyed | 16:23 Fri 30th Mar 2012 | Business & Finance
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I'm really not sure why so many people don't follow this. The rights and wrongs of it are up for debate. What happened, and what the bank is asking, is completely simple.

Bank paid a standing order from A's account to B's in accordance with instructions but is now saying that in fact it paid it in error because the standing order was cancelled sufficiently...
16:29 Mon 02nd Apr 2012
In many circumstances they can, such as fraud.

Did they give a reason?
We now have a new contender for the longest title ever to appear in AB.

Welcome to Answerbank.
I didn't know a blank question could be submitted.
Please can you clarify the circumstances. When you say 'legitimately' do you mean it wasn't paid in error?
Hi Baldric- it certainly comes close to this one:
confused, if the S/o was paid into your account then recalled, why do you have to send anyone a cheque?
I think you're just ahead there factor.
I am confussed in the same way as mccfluff..... Why have you to pay-out any money.?

Surely, if the standing order was for a person to pay into your account and the Bank has returned the remittance, you are owed money and are not indebted to the Bank. Consequently it appears to be a matter for the Bank to explain the reason for having returned money to the sender.

Maybe Really-Annoyed means his bank wants him to reimburse them (perhaps he withdrew the funds from the SO, the bank then sent the payment back leaving the account overdrawn, he then closed the account and now the bank wants its money back.
If not, I'm Really_Confused
Someone paid a Standing Order into your account.
The Bank have repaid the money to the sender.
If the Bank repaid the money from their funds and didn't take it out of your account then you owe them.
If that's the case, why did they do that, only they can tell you, ask them!
Quantitative Easing is the answer here.
Are you happy that the request has come from your bank or is this another scam?
Question Author
The money was owed to me by my partner, housekeeping etc. I then found out he was cheating and he left. The money had been paid into my account on the Monday. He left on the tuesday and went in to cancel the standing order. The bank say he cancelled it on the Monday but I doubt it very much. Even so it was already in my account and it was owed to me.
On Thursday I got a letter from the bank saying that it had been paid into my account by mistake. Although previous standing orders had been received. They have now refunded him the money and want me to re emburs them. We both use the same bank.. I have said that I was owed the money and I have no intention of re embursing them. But they won't answer my question about them being able to take the money from my account. My feeling is that they can't just take it, or they would have done and not be sending me a letter asking me to send a cheque. But they won't say one way or the other...
R_A...Your partner may have intended leaving you on the Tuesday and cancelled the S.O. on the Monday.

I feel sad for you but, if the Bank is owed money, it has every right to take all reasonable steps to recover all sums involved. Perhaps I am wrong in thinking that the account into which your partner was paying is completely separate to your current account and involves a loan of some sort.

Please give as much information as possible because people in AnswerBank are always willing to assist others and especially a newcomer such as yourself.

Question Author
Hi everyone again. I know he didn't intend to leave on Tuesday although was probably planning for a while. He was caught out on Tuesday because an e mail he was sending to his new girlfriend was mistakenly sent to my daughter.. He knew my daughter would tell me so was forced into making his intentions clear before he was ready. The money is owed to me for housekeeping, bills shopping etc. As the money was in my account on Monday I did the shopping on Monday afternoon. So he was already eating it so to speak. I think that the bank was wrong to refund him the money. The letter I received from the bank was dated the day after the money went in which would fall into line with my suspicions. If he had gone into the bank on Monday as they are suggesting the letter would have been dated Monday or the money would have been taken back out on the Monday. The bank may well be owed money but it is through no fault of mine, so why should I be out of pocket?
They will just lift it if they want to.

Send them a letter stating that you received this is good faith, comme d'habitude as the French say, and that the matter lies with the sender and not you and the bank.
DT...The bank can as you say "Lift it" at this stage, but there remains the question of who set-up the original arrangements with the Bank, and are then deemed to be fully liable in the matter for clearance of a debt.

Absolutement, tout à fait. Ron.
I'd just write it off, you sound well rid of him, just put it down to "leaving costs".

A standing order can only be cancelled by the originator, but IMO it's very unusual for it to be recalled after it's been paid. Have you been to the bank and stated your case?
Maybe the funds were showing in your account but were showing as 'uncleared'.

I'm still not clear why you have to reimburse the bank by sending a cheque- they have already taken the money back from your account and given it back to your husband. Has all this made your account overdrawn and you have tried to close the account?
factor30...I also am at a loss to understand why the Bank wants a cheque for money which was originally paid into R_A's account and which has now been withdrawn. Hence the reason for my earlier thought that perhaps the account into which money was paid was in fact a 'Loan A/C' and regular deposits are required to pay off a borrowed amount.


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My Bank has recalled a standing order that was legitimally paid into my account. They say that they have repaid the payment to the sender and now I have to send them a cheque. Is this correct and can they just take the funds from my account?

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