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legal girl | 17:03 Mon 20th Feb 2012 | Business & Finance
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Is anyone able to tell me the maximum amount of cash I can withdraw per day from my e-saver account at Santander? Trying here first as it's a nightmare to get through to them on the phone!


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I can't find anything on the website, but i think its £300. Sorry i can't be more helpful x
Cash points usually have a withdrawal limit of £300 but you'd be able to withdraw more in the branch.
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Thanks folks - sorry I wasn't clear; I meant in branch rather than from cash machine.
my accounts are current and saver both have a £400 limit for each branch and cash point so in theory £800 per day
you are supposed to transfer from your esaver to another account, ie current or instant access savings, then make the withdrawal from that. If you have a card then you can draw £300 from an atm and another £500 over counter. Some branches will, at their discretion, allow you to draw more. Try asking them for a direct dial number, some have them some dont
if you have a debit card and the cash to withdraw, you can withdraw what you like but the branch may not have it.
Did they not give you explanatory literature when you signed-up??
You can lift £300 from the automatic then walk straight into bank and lift another £300. But that has been a while like some poster said it could be upped to £400 then walk into bank and get another £400 making it £800. Good luck
t&c of esaver taken from santander web site
nanscamp is quite correct.

I have a Santander eSaver account and you can't withdraw any money from it whatsoever.

The eSaver account must be linked to a Santander current account. You transfer money from the eSaver to the current account then withdraw the cash from an ATM or branch from the current account. As far as I'm aware there is no limit as to how much you can transfer from the eSaver to the current account.
The maximum amount you can transfer from your Santander e-savings account to a third party account is £49,999.99 (per day I believe). Over this amount you need to telephone 08456 062 929 or visit your local Santander branch.
I'm not sure what the limit is for transfers between your e-savings account and your Santander current account (if you have one).

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Santander Cash Withdrawals

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