work rosters - how long in advance should we have them?

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autumnphyre | 20:41 Thu 16th Feb 2012 | Business & Finance
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Just wondering out of curiosity if or what the legal requirement for a work roster being available to the employees of a work place? How far ahead does it legally have to be made available? We thought it was 2 weeks but no one at work can agree!


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I wasn't aware that there was a law covering this.
Buildersmate may know.
depends on local agreements When I worked for London Transport we had rolling rosters that could be worked out years in advance Nursing 4 weeks off duty,
I don't think there is any legislation.
When I used to design a rolling shift pattern that involved staff working 2 weekends in every 4, we published it a minimum of a year in advance so staff could plan their lives and maximise their holiday opportunity using the minimum number of shifts off.
I always make mine up for twelve months in advanced for my own benefit. From a company point of view they can't be expected to forsee unexpected circumstances that may arrive resulting in changes to your work rosta's, but is it unreasonable to have them changed at the start of your week.

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work rosters - how long in advance should we have them?

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