Credit rating while changing banks

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tgon | 10:37 Wed 04th May 2005 | Business & Finance
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I'm changing banks at the moment but some of my direct debits are not transferring quick enough resulting in some missed payments on the due date.  Of these l have written and sent a cheque instead.

Would this affect my credit rating at all?

PS. Did you know changing banks is blindingly frustrating! lol


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You'll be ok because the recipients usually give you a chance to pay it by writting to you with a new DD. In fact I did this by cancelling all my dd's at once and waiting for them to write. My credit is still A1. Changing banks is an absolute pain even the ones that claim to do it for you manage to give you hassle one way or another 
Absolutely not, and definitely yes.

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Credit rating while changing banks

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