Employment Law downgrading ex-supervisors pay

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dholboy | 15:31 Tue 01st Nov 2011 | Business & Finance
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Hi Everyone,

I have a small query within my organisation.

We have several departments where each one has a supervisor. Obviously each supervisor applied for that position at their own accord when the vacancy came up.

One particular department has now closed and now there is a problem with the supervisor in that department. His only choice is to return to our 'base' and work as a normal staff. Can I reduce his pay as to reflect this as he is no longer supervisor now?

All our staff, no matter which department have all signed one/the same contract (same T&Cs) when they joined the company. When someone becomes supervisor NO new contracts/agreements etc are signed, only their pay-rate is increased.

Thank you.


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Had you not thought that you have made his job redundant? What you would like to do may be possible, but not without going through a consultation process.
The business about becoming a supervisor and not getting any written notification is somewhat irrelevant, since his current arrangment would most likely be seen as an 'implied term of his contract', if push came to shove at Employment Tribunal.
Might be useful to get boned up on the rudiments of employment law and good employment practices here, since you seem to be running a business of a dozen or more employees.
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If we are downgraded for whatever reason in the public sector, we stay on protected pay for a period of time (I think it's a couple of years).

I agree with buildersmate - you could make this man redundant if his job is no longer there.
Its not so much a 'could', Boxtops - I am wondering if he has much choice. If the job's gone, the individual is redundant. He can discuss the option of alternative employment on different terms with the employee.
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Thanks for all your answers and recommendations, I'll definately look more into the legal aspects of things...

Its a tuff one because when he became supervisor he didnt sign anything/there was no new contract. The only thing that basically happened was an increase in his pay-rate. So basically he has still only signed/is attached to the original T&Cs/contract that he signed when he joined the company - the same as the rest of the normal staff (around 50people)

Thank you though, i appreciate it :)

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Employment Law downgrading ex-supervisors pay

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