Tenant finaly left but oh what a mess...

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cassa333 | 00:22 Wed 31st Aug 2011 | Business & Finance
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My tenants tenancy runs out 1st sept so we made arangements with her to do an inspection today. She wasn't there and said we were not allowed to go in the house.

However as per her tenancy we could and did. While we were sitting in the car two neighbours came over and said we were in for a shock. She had left the previous friday (into temerary accomodation provided by the LA).

The place is a sh!t hole. Bare wires hanging were light fittings should be, external air vents missing, dirt, rubbish, broken furniture (and condoms!!!) all over the house and garden. Carpets totaly ruined dirt and greese over the walls. The burgler alarm system has been ripped out and along with the fridge freezer and washing machine we now no longer have a lawn mower. We can't turn the water on as when she stole the washing machine she just turned the water off and pulled it out!!! The garden if full of disgarded [email protected] and fence pannels down.

There is over £700 of debt on the electric meter and god knows how much on the gas.

We don't know where she has gone and the LA won't tell us so we have diddlies of recouping the cost of the clean up.

Other than WHY do some people behave like this, I don't have a question I just wanted to vent. Sorry


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Yep .. Theft is theft. Police PDQ.
Cause as much trouble for her as you can. It's YOU that have lost out thousands .. not her.
I am sure you can check all the 'abandoned' mail and ring everyone up and let them know the new address and mobile phone number if you can get it.

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Tenant finaly left but oh what a mess...

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