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Ric.ror | 18:12 Tue 05th Apr 2005 | Business & Finance
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My son is just 18 and an asmtha sufferer. As hehas a VERY limited income is there any way he can get free prescriptions for his inhalhers


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Don't know if he can get free ones, but he will save money by buying a prepayment certificate

You may find the answer you need here AndIndustry/Prescriptions/NHSCosts/fs/en
If he is on income support, or getting job seekers allowance he's entitled to free prescriptions.

If he does have a working income but just a very low one (though i don't know what the threshold is) then you can fill in a HC2 form and get free prescriptions. They have them at doctors surgeries and hospitals. By filling in this form you can also get refunds on previously paid for prescriptions, not sure how far back this goes.

There is info on the CAB webpage: alth/help_with_health_costs.htm#helpwithhealthcostsifyou areonalowincome

sorry - you have to fill in form HC1 in order to then apply for form HC2... beauracracy, eh!

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