Help me contact nationwide please

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mollykins | 18:20 Wed 06th Apr 2011 | Business & Finance
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My computer crashed and now i can't find my passowrds to access my online banking.

I've tried ringing their number but it says it doesn't recognise my account number, I just need to get through to a human!

What can I do?


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Just keep ignorning all the questions where they ask you to enter something. Eventually it will say they are putting you through to an adviser.
Had a similar problem with mine. I had to go into the bank, explain situation and wait fopr a new disc to come out an re-register. Pain in the proverbial tonsils.
Which number have you called? 08457 30 20 10 looks to be your best bet.
I thought that you now use a card-reader and your customer number to access your Nationwide account, online.
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Sorted, but I won't be able to get on for a few days.
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Buen, that's the one I used, ginge, i haven't got one . . .
Ere Molls, you aren't asking cos you've just got a shed load of money are you?
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Apparently not.
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Ta for trying but i pressed a different combo of numbers cos I applied to two of the options.
It's a pain molly, but they mail you - you have to reregister. I locked us out of ours by putting the wrong numbers in three times....
I used to work at Nationwide, and I think if you follow the advice of Buenchico and Milly, you should be able to talk to a real live person to explain your predicament.
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Postdog, it's the start of the new financial year meaning one of my accounts has jsu recieved interest, and I want to know how much . . .
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Help me contact nationwide please

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