Bank admits failing to use security measures on my account ?

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bandanda | 23:19 Fri 17th Oct 2008 | Personal Finance
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Ok, quite a strange one. But in short two weeks ago found out i m still on a morgage from my ex marrital home. 5 years passed i have no knowledge (because my ex led me to believe removal had happened.) of it until recently. Disputes started ect, upon soliciter advice i go into the bank who said morgage is with armed with two id in my name now, and old passport from the marriage , of which the morgage was taken out with. Well what should have been simple, wasnt. Turns out there systems have my name of present on, and two address changes. They tel me the only way my name could be changed or address is with ID or passport ect supporting this. IMPOSSIBLE as up until two weeks ago i ve not had a clue about the morgage. Well after two solid days in the bank, they provide a letter saying they got one address off a insurance quote 4 years ago, and that was it. They tel me on one hand its not possible to change a name and address without supporting documents, but yet they have confirmed they ve done just that... The F O S ive involved. . . By the close of today i was asked what compensation i wanted ??? Im at a loss as to how they ve done this, as in change details, and how am i supposed to price three security breechs?? I feel its being brushed under the carpet and really have no idea what to do ??


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Sorry, I've read the question twice and I'm not sure what your grievance is. Are you saying that they have allowed someone to change your details on the mortgage,? I'm not clear what details were changed.
And I think you want to know how much compensation to ask for. The priority is to get the records corrected. Have you sufered any loss? If not, then any compensation is a bonus- just ask for a figure and the worst that can happen is they will say no.
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Basically when i divorced 5halfyears ago. At the time was of the belief i d signed morgage, two kids accounts, title deeds ect away.

The bank in question whilst not responsible for me not being removed from these things ect... Upon me going in there yesterday morning, pointed a screen towards me , and said are you sure you havent been here in the last five years?? I say 100%. What then unfolded, is two years after my divorce, my address details were updated on there systems (not me as i didnt know ect ) they were updated to the correct address at that time. then in 2006 they updated my name which by then (re married) as mrs a. So a morgage i didnt have knowledge off, has been updated, and details are correct. Then my most recent address, they also have , again not me given it..... One theory is my ex partner has been in and updated my records three times, which im told he can t do, and they even told me they can t accept name chages with out documents supporting it. ...... I forgot to mention, it turned out the two kids accounts, and a joint account also remained active. (again not the banks fault but they have been updated in terms of details.
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ps - by end of today the outcome was letter from the bank stating they have updated my records three times and each time they have not had any documents to support the changes.
I agree that the bank shouldn't make changes without your authority, but if the know you have moved and you ahven't taken your name off it's not really surprising that they have updated your address details, although maybe they should have cheked with you.
Is there a reason why your name wasn't taken off the mortgage and kids' accounts?
What loss have you suffered that you feel you should be compensated for?
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Yes , marriage of emotion bullying, i complete took his word and never follows it up pr questioned it... was just happy to get away... i still think the name change is wrong ??? Its starting to look like my ex husband was giving them information , and also the first address had used my identity . . so now a criminal investigation as well. deep joy !!

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Bank admits failing to use security measures on my account ?

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