reverse the income tax bands

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helpmetoo | 10:42 Wed 18th Jun 2008 | Personal Finance
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surely it would make more sense to have a starting rate of 40% and then reduce that percentage to 20% for harder workers (who earn more)

on the basis that is is rare for lazy people to be in the top band for tax presently, those prepared to graft and put themselves out would not have to bail out the listless elemement of society

that would incentivise hard work at the same time as ensuring lazy people made a fair contribution to services


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Exactly which cloud did you fall off?

So somebody who is earning a modest wage and works over 40+ hours a week is lazy? A builder working long hours gets paid minimum wage is lazy? I think you will find that most of the big firms pay the bare miminum and if they actually increased their wages there wouldnt be a need for working families tax credits.

There is not enough money to pay everybody a decent wage where they are in the 40% bracket. It doesnt mean they are lazy.

Now run along because somewhere out there.... a bridge is missing its troll.
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i sure didnt fall off your poncing cloud
-- answer removed --
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the argument is only flawed from a left wing viewpoint..
redistribution of wealth etc

i of course did not suggest the 99/5 split

i spose you also think the obvious and equal solution of every person pay the same rate of income tax is flawed

if you had your way no doubt when we were to go shopping we would have to carry last years p60 and if in a higher tax band vat would be 35% on your purchase

how silly and unfair would that be?

about as silly and unfair as the income tax variable rate

im off to buy a copy of the guardian
reckon you expect to pay 50p and me to pay �1
or perhaps you would prefer it as a handout

Question Author

working family tax credits?

what exactly is that scheme?

i know,
a rebate of everybodys (other peoples) financial contributions given to those in society who take on more financial responsibilities than they can afford

how about a working persons fancy car credit?
ill get a ferrari then ...which i cant afford,
you wont mind contributing then will you?
helpmetoo, fcuk off you stupid ttaw
Out of the mouths etc..
Question Author

thanks for your helping of left wing debate

you can hit me if you want , the conversation tool of the undemocratic

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reverse the income tax bands

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