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Bivvysenior | 11:14 Mon 12th May 2008 | Personal Finance
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I had completed my on line tax assessment /return in December 2007. It showed that I had a �1450 tax overpayment. I have contacted the tax office several times who tell me that I have to wait, and every time I ring it goes to another advisor delaying it even further. Is this reasonable? as I am loosing interest on the money and beside I could do with it right now.
What can I do to move this along to a conclusion.
Any advice appreciated


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keep on pestering them you should have had it ages ago now
After completing my return this year, I also had a repayment due. It was processed automatically the day after I submitted the return and was in my bank account by the end of the week.

I would ring the tax office again (make sure you speak to your local tax office and not to the self-assessment helpline - you can find the number at r/locator.jsp?type=3).

Ask them why your repayment has been delayed, and if they cannot tell you, ask to speak to a supervisor or manager and insist they update you on the situation.

They may have a reason for delaying the refund, for example if they believe they need to do additional checks, but they should let you know this when you enquire, as you have a right to know if they are contemplating an investigation.

If it's any consolation, they do pay interest on overdue amounts, so when they eventually issue the refund, you will get interest added (surprisingly, it appears to be at a commercial rate).
forgot to add that my hubby once was in this situation and when he got round to phoning them they said they hadn't sent the money because they didn't know he wanted it back! Apparently you can let them take it off the following years tax bill.
Just to re-iterate what Moomintroll says. If they have not released thye refund, they may be looking to enquire into your return. It could be the person in the call centre is not aware of this. They are usually very helpful when issuing refunds. I have never had a problem chasing them up, unless it is being witheld for a reason such as an enquiry.
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thank you for letting me know of your experience it seems I have to be a bit more assertive and persistant with my tax office judging by your comments Thanks again..
It is more than likely they are looking into your return and have set the no repayment signal. Advisors on the phone are not allowed to tell you whether or not an enquiry is under way. 1 in 10 returns are picked up automatically. If there has been problems with your husbands account in the past or he owes money for tax or NI then they will hold on to the refund until the enquiry is over. They do pay interest on any money kept back while this goes on although it is not as high an interest rate as you would get in a bank.
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Thanks Hev I have rung again so perhaps I am being checked .
I have nothing to hide so I await their response in the next few weeks ..

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Tax refund

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