Loans with a bad credit history.

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Drisgirl | 18:06 Sat 15th Mar 2008 | Personal Finance
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Anyone know of a good company who lend with a poor credit history?

Its a consolidation of numerous loans/arrears which would actually halve the amount being paid per month.(a couple are of the 'shark' variety hence the O/S amount is going up instead of decreasing)

I have been made aware recently that if you apply for a personal loan on-line that your percentage rate goes up as the lenders think that rather than comparing rates you are 'trying to come in through the back door' ??????

Reluctant to enter details ATM for this reason !!

This is for a friend -truly !!!!

Thanks peeps in advance x


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Try .
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Cheers -will pass that on -much appreciated x
You should also remember that aswell as reducing the monthly amount to pay,these consolidation loans increase the loan term. So you will actually end up paying more!
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Thanks Dasherman -the advice is genuinely for a mate -I have advised her to firstly go to the CAB -however this has been ongoing for years and despite paying through the nose she is not getting pout the bit.

Hindsight being a great thing but she stupidly bought from a 'friend' who turned out to be a shark and at the end of the day she is still paying him �200 a month 3years down the line for a car she no longer has -you hear about this - its just amazing that those people get away with this but they do.

Her health is now suffering and she doesnt know whether she is coming or going -think a consolidation loan may be the only solution -at least she will then know exactly what is going out every month and it will just be one payment and also gets everyone off her back.

Tell ya -its a message to everyone about really getting into debt - its soul destroying but at the end of the day she has to pay them as she is due the money.
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Yes,you will get a loan here even you having poor credit.I also get the loan from here easily.

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Loans with a bad credit history.

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