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justin07 | 20:20 Fri 09th Nov 2007 | Personal Finance
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we are currently living with the inlaws as we are in the process of buying their council house through a right to buy company.

before we moved in they was on housing benefit as they are retired obviously we are paying the rent at the moment but to get the right to buy discount they have to be named on the mortgage

the plan was buy the house and they move out and go back on housing benefit BUT as they are name on the mortgage aswell as myself i take it they are classed as homeowners

the right to buy company says they have to be named to get the discount
once i have the mortgage how do i get their names off if i can so they can claim housing benefit and move out

just a few things may help you guys trying to help me

the mortgage will be fixed for 4 years i cannot sell the house for 4 years otherwise the council will want a % of the discount back and i dont really want to be stuck living with them forever what can i do

hope you can make sense of this thanks in advance


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What property are your parents moving in to?

Their names will be on the title deeds as well as the mortgage - and the mortgage company are highly unlikely to refuse to take them off the mortgage so they can't come off the title deeds either.

This is to stop people swindling the government and the system.
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they arent moving in to any at the moment but were gonna move out and apply for housing benefit as soon as idbought it. can i not even take them off after 4 years as they wont b contributing a penny to the mortgage they are solely named on it for me to get the discount
Right to buy means your parents in law right to buy their council house, not your right to buy it. the system is designed to stop people taking advantage of it like you are planning to do - the reason they are offering your in laws the discount is so that they wont need housing benefit anymore, or need to be housed by the council, so in theory, in the long run the council (ie taxpayers) will save money. The system is not designed for relative of council tennant to get cheap housing, or to make money off the back of taxpayers by getting a house at a discount. Thats why you are having trouble working it all out - because effectively you are trying to scam the council. And in future, if god forbid you ever need to be housed by the council there wont be any left because people have been buying them up to get rich quick!

as you can tell, i think "right to buy" is the most preposterous scheme ever invented!
also, be aware that the house will be "theirs" if they are on the mortgage, despite the fact they dont plan to contribute to it, and should they die before you sell it, it will be seen as their asset, not yours! And of course there would be implications if you or your partner died too
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no you have got this wrong the council told us we had to be living with them to buy it and also the form from the council asks if any members of your family want to help to buy it but must be living there they have granted us the right to buy no problems and we are first time buyers so why not anyway shove it right up your arse with your sneid comments
well if the council have granted YOU right to buy in your own right, why do the in laws have to be on the mortgage?
No matter what way you look at it you are trying a swindle if you want them to move out afterwards!
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and another my missus lived there herself for 21 years and only moved out for 12 months as for get rich quick we are first time buyers and are finding it difficult to find somewhere we can afford

whats the point giving the house back to the council after all those years you must be mad im sure you would do it
u stroupy git. go get a real job and house and stop scabbing off the poor people in thr world and learn some sppeellling and grammar u thicky
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we arent trying a swindle the inlaws are retired absolutely skint cant manage stairs etc and want somewhere smaller anyway
u dont deserve it, its a rtb for them so have some respect

bye, btw, hope u get repossessed and end up in a shared house with drug users and pimps
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we are giveing them 10k for a start just thought it would be a good idea obviously not
i cant believe you dont get what i'm saying! the right to buy is there so that they can live there, not move out and let you live there! Council houses are usually only rented, so yes, when you dont need it anymore you give it back, like a rented property.

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yes but they cant afford a mortgage probably in the same boat as you know a lot about nothin and cant do anything about it lol oh by the way im set to make 60k overnight lol
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do you think ive lived here for the last 3 months believing everything would be ok when in the end its not i think the easiest thing is forget it and buy somewhere else thanks anyway
Your in laws will have to fill in a new housing benefit form if they rent else where and their previous property will no doubt be look into as an asset for their claim
this sounds like a wind up!!!!! bless u justin01
Question Author
thanks for the replies case now closed
why? it sounds like fun, did u make it up to start a discussion?

go for it, loads of people get right to buys!! so what if it stuffs the council, more fool them
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i tell you somethin spotty some people on here take thing to heart the rtb is a good scheme especially for me i love making fast cash i think i might buy the aunties aswell move in there for a few weeks and apply
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all im gonna do is offer everyone i know 10k for me to buy their council houses lol

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