SIGN UP Sabatage?

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WendyS | 14:15 Tue 30th Oct 2007 | Personal Finance
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Since Friday, 26 October,'s site has been subject to a DDOS attack; a malicious web attack to try and close the site by simulating billions of users. How many people believe that big insurance companies would be capable of this because their profit base is being threatened and that too many chickens could be coming home to roost?


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Yes I'm up for the conspiracy theory. It's a damn fine website that every ABer should be aware of.
Nonsense. It's just some kiddie scripter trying his luck.
Very strange website to target though, isn't it?

I'm not sure if it's a big corporation, but wouldn't suprise me if it was linked to some smaller company who was facing a problem due to some advice given out there.
Martin Lewis has recently launched a campaign to make people realise they've been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance.

Surely every finance house would welcome the opportunity to return millions to their customers?
I love a good conspiracy theory.

But this one's rubbish.
I reckon more likely to be something to do with someone slighted on the boards (either a board member or company) who is doing this - than one of the big banks etc.

Too risky for them...

that said...: html

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