using someone'else's debit or credit card

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Emlaujay | 17:18 Mon 21st May 2007 | Personal Finance
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Is it against the law to use someone else's card in a shop if they have given permission and told you their pin number?


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I don't think its against the law but when Banks issue you withe debit or credit cards, it is part of the terms and conditions that you don't disclose the PIN to anybody.

The shop are not supposed to accept them either, how would the shop assistant know that the owner of the card had given permission? Anyone could say that, you could have spilt from your partner and still have access to their card and PIN or someone could have stolen a purse or wallet with the card and PIN inside (yes, some people do write their number down and keep it with their card).
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Sammy how would the shop assistant know if it was not your card? If i went into a shop to use my mum's or sister or friends card, how would they know not to accept it?

I don't suppose they would know if it was a woman with another woman's card but in our local shop we get men trying to use cards with 'Miss J Smith' on!

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Get the card holder to apply for a card in your name
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My car needed filling with petrol when my daughter needed to use it. I was going to give her my card and pin number so that she could fill up and I would pay. Would this have been illegal then?
Yes, your daughter would have been committing an offence if she used your credit card and pin number, even with your permission. Your contract with you credit card / debit card supplier will specifically oblige you not to divule your pin number to ANYBODY, and in this respect, family members are no different from any other member of the public in the eyes of the bank.

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using someone'else's debit or credit card

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