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LostSheep | 16:41 Mon 19th Mar 2007 | Personal Finance
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Is it possible to complain about advice given to you by an independent mortgage broker? Who would I complain to? Can this be done anonymously? I will try to explain the story - I currently rent a flat and I'm thinking of moving house and getting a mortgage. I spoke to one broker and he told me that I would struggle to get a mortgage based on my current income / credit history / too many debts (credit cards, loans, overdraft) / lack of deposit. That didn't sound good but I was impressed with his honesty. I decided to try another local broker (just for comparison really) and I was told that it would be a straight forward process getting me a mortgage - we'd go for a self-certification deal and put down on the application form that my income is slightly higher than it actually is and not mention all my debts thus securing the required mortgage. I was shocked because this was the exact opposite of what the other broker was saying. I'm not going ahead with this mortgage because I was warned by the first broker about mortgage fraud and the consequences so it's just not worth it. I'm still looking for a smaller property and trying to clear some of my existing debts off so I can get a mortgage some time in the near future. Is there anything that can be done about this broker? He could be saying the exact same thing to someone else and they agree to the mortgage, a year down the line they either can't afford the mortgage or they've been found that they lied on the application form. Sorry for the rant but I can't believe that he can do this so blatantly. TIA.


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There are some hugely unscrupulous brokers out there. i'm sure if you reported them to the Financial Services Authority ( they may well be interested. They carry out mystery shopper exercises and will attempt to weed out dodgy individuals/firms.

Some brokers will even tell you to "just sign the form" and they will fill out the details later!!

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Complain about a mortgage broker

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