Bank Transfer Advice Needed.

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xud | 07:59 Thu 30th Jun 2022 | Personal Finance
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Hi all,

I am wanting to reeceive a payment from USA.

I sent my name, account number and sort code. I got a reply saying that they need IBAN or SWIFT numbers.

How do I get those?




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they're on your statement - with Lloyds it's the upper right.
the swift is the BIC number....
On a Nationwide statement they are also on the right, under "Receiving an International Payment?". 'BIC' and 'Swift Intermediary Bank' are not the same on mine.
Ask your Bank or just check their website. SWIFT codes look like BARCGB2LA . YOUR IBAN should be on the statement and will incorporate your account number. (For UK banks should start GB)

You do not need to know the intermediary or correspondent Banks, its up to them how they send the transfer.

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Bank Transfer Advice Needed.

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