Do You Have A Daily Budget ?

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SparklyKid | 11:49 Tue 27th Oct 2020 | Personal Finance
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On the first of every month I add to my private pension how many weekly state pensions will we get.

From that total I deduct 1/12 of what my yearly bills will be. Then 1/3 of my expected lecy bill, finally an estimate of my phone/broadband bill.

I then divide the remaining balance by the number of days till next private pension due.

I put that daily budget figure on the calendar , then each day, either add some or substract some.

Gotta do something during these quiet days,lol.


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My state pension is paid weekly into a bank account.When I was eligible for it, I was asked how I wanted it paid, elected for weekly and that's how it has been ever since.
On the other hand, I'm not happy that in future premium bond prizes will be paid straight into a bank account. It's exciting getting the white envelopes especially as they now put multiple prizes in the same envelope!
No, I was lucky enough to have plenty of surplus so never had to, didnt even know how much was in the Bank from one month to the next.

But I do need to do this now I dont work, so thanks for reminding me!
No, no budget.
That sounded a bit blase. We aren't massive spenders, our biggest bill is the food bill.
All I know that when I go out for a tiny item - I will spend £20 on non-essentials which means if I go out for 5 days then I have spent £100.

so I only myself out for maybe 2 or 3 days.
^^^^ allow
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I suppose the reason I do it is to transfer the monthly surplus into a second savings account for rainy days ,lol.
Not strict with my budget now there's just me, it was different when we were a family with more demands on the money.
I do adhere to whatever budget i allow myself to gamble with on a daily basis. Only going above said budget if, from the original outlay, a profit is made. And then just 10% of said profit can be used for any further bets.
ummmm: "That sounded a bit blase. We aren't massive spenders, our biggest bill is the food bill." - so, have you given up smoking?
Ken, have you had a punt on Trump v Biden, could be some value in the spreads.
zacs if you want to do dodgy stuff take cash out

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Do You Have A Daily Budget ?

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