Bank Fraud Averted

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arjay | 19:57 Sun 20th Sep 2015 | Personal Finance
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I was phoned at 9 am this morning (Sunday!) by an official from HSBC bank about a suspicious purchase costing £75.63 which a fraudster had attempted to make using my credit card.The purchase did not go through, fortunately.
He advised me to destroy my card and said it would be replaced urgently by a new one with a completely different number.
That's service, eh?


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That's good. I assume it was a genuine call from what you say. Even if it had gone through you'd have got it back if it was fraudulent transaction
I find HSBC rather good at this. Twice in the past three years I have had to cancel my debit card because people were withdrawing money tom my account. My fault for giving details on the internet but the bank refunded my money and I received a new card within two days.
tom? from

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Bank Fraud Averted

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