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cameo | 07:29 Tue 03rd Jul 2012 | Personal Finance
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My daughter is home from Uni for the summer and is obviously looking to earn some money to help pay off her overdraft before the next years studying begins!

We are on benefits - my husband is disabled and gets the higher mobility rate and middle care rate of DLA, I get Carers Allowance.
He gets Income Support with a disability premium and we get Child Tax credit for our other daughter.

How are my elder daughters earnings going to affect our income?



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DLA is not means tested. Do you get housing benefit? Daughter's earnings might affect that.
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Hi Kathyan - yes we get full housing and council tax benefit. She's only looking at getting a small part time job, but not sure how much they'll take off.
I would check with housing/council tax to see if her wages will affect your benefit. Better to let them know than be hit with having to pay money back!
Have you tried the DWP website benefit calculator?
If your daugter is at university and living there she does not count as a resident at your home but as a visitor, her earnings are not taken into account. It will change once she finishes her degree and comes home full time.
I should add that even when she comes home full time your benefits will not be effected until she gets a job and starts earning . Once she is home full time and in work there is a scale of deductions from your benefits but the benefit will not be reduced to zero no matter how much she earns, the maximum deduction is around £74 a week. Many of your benefits, DLA for example, are not income related and will not be reduced no matter how much she (or you) earn.
My husband gets DLA higher rate of care and mobility, and income support with disability premium and I get Carers Allowance. We also get full housing and council tax benefit. Our daughters although working are disregarded when calculating housing and council tax benefit. I believe this is due to the DLA although I don't know if this applies to all rates of DLA.
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Thankyou all for your answers....
SMP - that sounds just like our situation, apart from we get the middle care component.
I think it applies as long as you get the one of the care rates of DLA. It doesn't affect your income support either.
DLA and carers allowance is not counted as income when accessing housing benefit . My wife gets DLA middle rate care, higher rate mobility I get carers allowance , we still get full housing and council tax benefit.
If your eldest daughter is still in full time education, university, you should get tax credit for her as well.
This can be quite complicated spicially with your disability benefits, I strongly reccomend you ask your local CAB to do a check that you are getting everything that you should be getting . The CAB are really good for this and know the system inside out.
I think no affect on your income because your daughter living in university not at home. She came home for a few days.

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