does anyone know of a reputable company to help get my mum's ppi back?

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peason77 | 12:32 Wed 21st Mar 2012 | Personal Finance
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My mum took out ppi years and years ago. Without sounding disrespectful, she isn't the brightest when it comes to money. I've tried pursuing it myself for her and we got so far before we had a letter saying the original company who had provided ppi were no longer operating as a business (she bought windows from a company)so they couldn't issue her a refund, so we were back to square one. I have a really hectic life, she is skint, so most definately would benefit from some kind of rebate, i just don't want to send her to a company who will rip her off. Many Thanks


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I don't know, but I was under the impression from advice I've read that it is simple to make a claim, and that way you pay no commission or anything.
Have you looked at the money saving expert website? There's a forum where you can asking questions about reclaiming PPI. Sure someone on there would be able to help.
who was the ppi with?
I wouldn't go there at all
There is a case on MSE - the most PPI refunded so far of just over £82k but because the person got a firm to do it, they took £25k in fees

For a few hours work, do it yourself and, as Evian, use MSE for help
if it was years and years ago, you might be out of luck anyway
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well PPI was with GE money, but they won't pay out because my mum took out the finance with the man she was buying the windows from, so they say they shouldn't pay out?
Don't use any of the companies that advertise to help you get you PPI/MPPI back. If you do get any refund they will take up to a third plus Vat and you may have to pay a non refundable fee upfront You will still have to complete a questionnnaire. Just write to the loan company bank or building society - you can get a proforma letter off the internet and answer the questions on the questionnairfe as honestly as you can and if you can't remember any of the answers then just say so.
Your Mum will need to sign but she can appoint you to deal with it for her
ps it has to be in the last 10 years doesn't it?
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thanks peeps, yes it does have to be withn 10 years. I completed all the relevant forms, letters, but nobody is taking responsibiliy for the refund of the money because they say it was the window salesman's fault so i feel i've hit a dead end.
well perhaps it's because it's out of time
Then go via the ombudsman
If you weree given the advice nto take out the loan by the wsindow salesman then it is he who is responsible not GE money. If the company is no longer trading you 'may' be able claim via the Financial Services Compensation Scheme at:

Financial Services Compensation Scheme
7th floor, Lloyds Chambers
Portsoken Street
London E1 8BN

Call: 0800 678 1100 or 0207 741 4100

Fax: 020 7892 7301

If the did not have any indemnity insurance then you may be out of luck and going to the Financial Ombudsman won't help.

There is no time limit on claiming
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thanks everyone for your advice x

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does anyone know of a reputable company to help get my mum's ppi back?

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