Lost money due to Royal Mail

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Negomi | 15:39 Sat 11th Feb 2012 | Personal Finance
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Our neighbours moved out and had their post redirected to relatives - Royal Mail wrongly sent some of my mail as well, for several weeks. This included bank statements, credit card and utility bills - sent to and opened by people I do not know. They have returned it to me, but due to delay I have been charged over £60 for late bill payments and interest.

Royal Mail will not refund me any money saying they are legally not responsible for content of mail, but have sent a letter of apology. I feel this was not just accidentally lost mail- they deliberately stuck labels over my address and sent my personal and financial details to other people - some envelopes were clearly marked with banks name. I have complained re data security/possible credit rating affected/ loss of money through no fault of my own, but they refuse to refund.

I will complain again, but do I stand any chance of getting something back? Has anyone any advice how I can argue my case please?


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This is from the Royal Mail website
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Thanks, that is quite a clear site, I am trying to compose my case for the "escalated complaint" stage. I think they are being unfair. Has anyone else here been through this process?
I suggest the priority at this stage is to write to your credit card and utility companies enclosing a copy of the correspondence with the Royal Mail and asking them to remove any late payment/interest charges, as I think there's a reasonable chance they will agree.
And of course you should then follow the Royal Mail complaints procedure
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I will do that, and check credit reference. Do you know I really thought Royal Mail would sort it, I must be very oldfashioned thinking companies would be fair and reasonable. Intend to use online/telephone banking and send email birthday/xmas cards in future.
The only problem you will have is the credit card companies will say you could have telephoned them to arrange your monthly payment to avoid a late payment fee. Things get lost in the post all the time.
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Just an update - my bank NWest said they will refund fines and interest, I am so pleased! Royal Mail have not even replied to my next letter.
Negomi, they've probably lost it. The Christmas card sent by my Brother arrived last week, it was post marked 13th of December so goodness knows where it's been resting.

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Lost money due to Royal Mail

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