Advice sought about trying to reclaim PPI mis-sold on credit card.

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Rodge2 | 14:42 Wed 02nd Nov 2011 | Personal Finance
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A relative got a credit card from Goldfish about 14 years ago. He still uses it, and has always paid off the balance in full every month. At the time of taking it PPI was included in the deal. He was under the impression it was compulsory, and would not have gone for it if he'd known it wasn't, because since he always put the money aside to pay for purchases made on it, he knew he didn't need it.

Added to this, he was and still is self employed, and has a disability (visual impairment) that puts him at much greater risk of having a serious accident, so often insurance companies won't consider him for life insurance, accident insurance etc due to the huge risk - or at least would consider him a special case - meaning very expensive! He says none of this was asked about at the time - so he likely just got bog standard cover that didn't cover him at all.

About 2 years ago when helping with writing the cheque for payment, I asked him about the PPI and this prompted him to phone Barclaycard (who had taken over Goldfish) to ask if it was compulsory. They had to admit it wasn't, and he cancelled it.

He paid the PPI for about 12 years and I'm sure he wasn't covered. We wrote to Barclaycard as Martin Lewis suggested and asked for the terms & conditions of the original agreement. But when they came it just said that the PPI was provided by some company called Hamilton Insurance, and we don't know what to do next. He doesn't have any of the old statements or paperwork and the fact that they've changed ownership may make it awkward.

He does however still have the credit card which he still uses every month. Does anyone know if he has a valid case? And what should he do next, if so.

Any help hugely appreciated :)


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I must admit that I never understand why so many people now feel that they thought PPI was compulsory, but based on the general misselling principles I think your friend does have a case.
This site discusses claims against Hamilton:
But he doesn't need a specialist firm- he can claim himself to Hamilton, but they may be difficult to track down. Have a look through this thread:

I would say that your friend has a case especially on the s/e level. Don't use a claim company as they will only take a percentage of anything that he is entitled to. Just print off a standard letter from the internet or simply paraphrase your post here.
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Thanks very much for all the info. I am unsure whether the case is against Barclaycard or Hamilton - which should I approach? Thinking that it was compulsory was the result of it not ever having been mentioned at all, and then just appearing on the statement.
I would go to Martin Lewis own site, download the form from there and send it into Barclaycard. Your claim should be with the company that sold it to you not the ones they used to provide it. If you ask the bank they should supply the details that you need. Some will make a small charge for this but you should be able to get the details needed. As Barclaycard have taken over Goldfish they will have taken on responsibility for this too.

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Advice sought about trying to reclaim PPI mis-sold on credit card.

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