Having son at home affecting my benefits.

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kloofnek | 10:35 Wed 03rd Aug 2011 | Personal Finance
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My son wants to come back home to live.I am in receipt of both HB and CT plus pension and Pension Credit and know that this will affect this.
Have looked at the info. online and note it is more beneficial to have a boarder.Why is a family member charged more than a boarder?
End the end of the day the latter would contribute much less to me than the former.


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that's your reason - as you said your family member would contribute more to you than a lodger,
I think she meant the family member would contribute less.
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Surely since another mouth to feed and provide bed linen and everything for, means that to not lose out the son should contribute more than the loss of benefit? Yeah ok, I know, family, not going to count every penny. Just pointing it out, that's all. As for who contribute more and who less, is down to the personal arrangements made.
You are getting benefit (paid for by the rest of society). Your son coming to live with you will profit from this by having subsidised accommodation. Why should he not make a substantial contribution to lessen the burden on the rest of the country's taxpayers?
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No, what I meant was...if one has a lodger they only deduct £20 from one`s benefit but if it is a family member it is according to how much they earn,so they take more off you,when in fact my son would contribute less to me than if I did, indeed, take a lodger...which I would not...
eg: A lodger: £50 a week
Son: £120 calender month
Have been to my local Link and this is how it works.
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By the way,I am an OAP and on State Pension topped up with Pension Credit...
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Yes,my son works...
Maybe I am being dim here...but if you son is working why is he only paying you £120 per month? He would not even be able to rent a room in a house for the £50 you mention. Let alone the extra costs of food (presumably) power and the council tax. You need to have a hard talk with him.It really makes me mad when children take the mickey like this. You will have looked after him while he was a child. Now his turn to pay his way. Simples!
so just get your son to contribute more then? or get a lodger :)
Unless you are seriously considering taking a lodger, forget about the comparison. There are very many inconsistencies and peculiarities in benefit regulations - some of them no doubt done on purpose for some obscure reason we can't understand, & some no doubt accidental.

What you need to do is find out from your local authority what the effect on your HB & CTB will be if your son comes to live with you. They will need to know his income in order to work this out.
I'm aghast that your son would only pay you £30 a week - that wouldn't keep him in food, let alone all the other expenses. Are you on reduced Council tax because you live alone? That goes if someone else moves in - he'll need to pay the difference. £120 a week would be more like it, but it's still letting him off lightly if you are paying all the bills.
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No,would never consider a lodger!
Yes,I know I should ask my son to contribute more.his sisters are aghast..."mum....ask for more...he is spoilt"...but he is the baby of the family 33!!!!
But wait for this...the Link have been in touch to tell me that they now know I receive DLA at the high son would not have to contribute anything...can you believe that...I asked if I was hearing right!!!
Yes, I can believe it! Nothing surprises anymore.
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I`ll be honest,I find it very hard to believe...can anyone confirm this from experience?
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Thanx Eddie51.
The lady at the Link,just said,"Your son will not have to pay anything ".
Nothing more.She knew why I was asking.
I'm afraid nearly everything in Eddie's post is wrong! He is clearly not aware of the details of the rules:

1. What Link have told you is quite right. If you are on the top rate of DLA then no deduction is made from your Housing or Council Tax Benefit as a result of your son coming to live with you.

2. Your son cannot claim Carers Allowance if he is working and is paid more than £100 per week. This is the upper earnings limit which applies to that benefit.

3. Eddie is right to say you will lose the 25% single person's Council Tax discount, but as you are on Pension Credit I guess the whole of your Council Tax is covered by the Council Tax Benefit & that will continue to be the case. Nonetheless, you must let the Council know when he moves in. You must also make sure they know about your DLA.
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Themas,sorry not answered sooner..been away.
Thank you for your imput...much appreciated and puts my mind at ease.

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Having son at home affecting my benefits.

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