How do I remove my name off a joint mortgage?

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dannymacca | 18:06 Mon 11th Jul 2011 | Personal Finance
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Two years ago I left my partner (not married), I am now desperate to remove my name from the mortgage we have so I can staff afresh with my new partner.

Can you please advise the process we have to follow and the typical timescales? Through small conversations I have signed a letter to agree that the mortgage advisor can discuss this with our lender. Plus a mortgage has been agreed in principle for my ex with current lender.

From this stage now ex has supplied pay slips, what are next stages, how long should this take and what else will I need to do? I am agreeing a settlement figure, very low amount, between ourselves.

Thank you in advance, I have also had a new mortgage agreed in principle with the same lender, subject to my name being removed.


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Basically you cannot take your name off the mortgage. Either your ex has to remortgage in his name only and buy you out, or you need to sell the property.

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How do I remove my name off a joint mortgage?

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