Where do I report someone fiddling the tax man???

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Elsie13 | 18:12 Thu 12th Jul 2007 | Business
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My ex partner is self employed and declares a minimum salray for tax purposes to the inland revenue. he has admitted this to me and therefore pays a rediculously low csa maintenance payment for my daughter. He has brand new cars, extensions on his house and is always dressed top to toe in the height of fashion gear! I have become fed up as he has refused to increase his maintenance at all and if anything the payments have more than halfed in the past 4 years! Wgo do i ring to repost this matter as my daughter is losing out cos of this. Any numbers?? thanks


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Just write a letter to your nearest tax office. Give your ex's name and address. If you know his National Insurance number this would be a great help, but if you don't it should n't matter. This info should set the ball rolling for them to investigate him.
Only problem is if they hit him for back tax he really wont have any money... how about threatening instead?
have you tried asking him nicley
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I am probably one of the most reasonable people in the world and actually take no pleasure in reporting him which is why i havent before but i feel he is really flaunting it in my face. I have been so reasonable in every part of our relationship and he just wont compromise at all. I will have to think about what i do next but at least i will know where to go to if i do decide to report him!
~I have the same problem Elsie wot do we do?
report him to the tax man x

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Where do I report someone fiddling the tax man???

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