Distance Selling And Postage

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Thunderchild | 21:31 Sun 24th Mar 2013 | Business
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I currently sell on ebay who have their own warped rules biased very heavily towards buyers to save the poor ebay name. On ebay I an only protected against people claiming to have no received items unless they are tracked (considering my goods often have a value of 30-99p) which is impracticable. On the whole buyers are honest but certain people from certain parts of the country are a problem.

Now I'm planning to setup my own online shop. what is my responsibility and liability with respect to a customer claiming that goods never arrived ? If i state in my terms that I am not responsible for goods not specifically ordered with tracking (that is available) going missing or am i still bound by law regardless to provide a replacement or refund ?


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ok just to clarify that is yes that I'm liable either way ?

ps. I should set myself up as a foreign corporation, get away with murder and pay no tax !
I think you need to take advice from eBay - I sell frequently on eBay and I've never had any problem - I always get a proof of posting, and if good don't arrive, then Royal Mail pay up.

"certain people from certain parts of the country are a problem." ????

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My question does not regard ebay but selling from my own website.

People from certain parts ? yes you know those area of the country we take the micky out of because the people are tight or crooked ? yea those ones, the jokes are true !
What parts of the country? The areas should be named and shamed.
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Ireland and Scotland have some cranks, I had a guy a while ago from liverpool that tried to do me (private sale) but because I was able to challenge his claim and he failed to provide proof of his claim ebay actually figured out i was probably right and after putting a hold on my money released it again.

On the other hand I have no problem with more Irish and Scottish customers but of the problems i have had recently those two had some right crackpots, the Scottish one leaves bad feedback for most people for anything and ebay still believe him.
I have found that for low cost items that have a problem a receipt from the post office is enough. An item I posted (a small china vase) arrived smashed. I filled out the post office form and got a book of first class stamp in return. This was actually more than I got from the buyer in value.
In all these years I only lost out once with no certificate. Fifty pound ring that person said did not receive. I dont believe them for reasons I will not go into here, but will never post without a receipt again.

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Distance Selling And Postage

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