Charged For Apprentice Plumber

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stuelwell | 16:58 Mon 25th Feb 2013 | Business
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Hello all. I am a directly employed plumber for a very large orgaisation. i have been told today that i will have to pay £35 a day for an apprentice plumber (year 3). nothing has been sent to me in writing to inform me of this, infact it only came to light this morning. Any advise with this matter would be greatly appreciated before I start a grievance procedure angainst my manager. thanks stuart


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Any attempt to reduce your salary to pay for a 3rd year apprentice (presumably to work with you?) sounds like an unauthorised deduction of wages to me. Unless your trade industry has a specific arrangement with an employers' federation for this sort of thing to happen.
Try using the term 'unauthirised deduction of my wages' to your manager and see what reaction you get.
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thanks for your reply buildersmate, they seem to think that an apprentice earns me money, quite the opposite infact, think a trip to CAB is needed to find out facts before i put my neck on the block
Yes, but I'm sure you'd agree that isn't the point (whether it is true or not).

If you are a directly employed plumber, you are paid x under your contract to deliver y - loosely defined by what's in your job title - job description.

Are you on a bonus scheme linked to productivity? If you are, I can see why the warped thought-process could lead to this, but I don't see how this can be done without your agreement to it.

How does it have any impact on your money unless you are on a bonus scheme.

Go to the CAB by all means, but I think I know what I'm talking about here.
Hi stuewell- I wondered if there have there been any developments in this unusual case

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Charged For Apprentice Plumber

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