Jet Petrol Stations rebranded to Harvest Energy Stations?

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Old Salt | 15:20 Sun 14th Aug 2011 | Business
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Just curious, as our local Jet Station rebranded the station into Harvester Energy, virtually overnight, I was wondering, is it just Jet rebranding itself or has someone bought them?



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Conoco Phillips doesn't own any filling stations. Instead it enters into 'supply and branding' agreements with around 400 independent operators, to display the 'Jet' brand name on their pumps.

Similarly, Harvest Energy doesn't own any filling stations. It also uses 'supply and branding' deals to get its name onto the pumps of independent operators.

It seems that Harvest Energy has offered your local filling station a better deal than the one it previously had with Conoco Phillips.

Harvest Energy (which was Futura Petroleum up until 2006) is actively seeking to become the most well-known brand name on independent forecourts, so you may well see more filling stations displaying their brand name in the future.

JET is a brand of ConocoPhillips which operates a UK dealership comprised of more than 400 JET branded independently-operated service stations.


It would appear that your local independant operator has recently signed up to a supply deal with Harvest Energy and has been rebranded as such.
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Jet Petrol Stations rebranded to Harvest Energy Stations?

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