Onwards & Downwards: September/October/November 2020 ;-)

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Old_Geezer | 15:33 Wed 28th Oct 2020 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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Welcome to all those hoping to lose weight, or with useful tips to pass on. The year is rushing by, so how are folks coping; especially considering all the virus restrictions that are limiting activities ? Anyone planning to lose a stone for Xmas :-)

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I lost 2 stone and a bit in the first couple of months by lots of walking and careful meal planning (due to only going shopping every 2 weeks) and then went mad from August and have put it all back on and possiby added to the original weight. So upset with myself....
Mally don’t be too hard on yourself - it’s been a bizarre year so far and hard for a lot of people.
I haven't weighed myself in ages. My weighing scales, funny enough, are by the fridge.

Cheers Smowball....just a bit disappointed with next hospital visit will be shaking heads and sucking of teeth (the doctors who appear to be around 13 years old but know their subject)....and then I will go home and stuff my face again.......
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Not been doing so well myself. Although access to scales isn't so regular this year.
In last year or so I’ve lost 47 lbs. Bizarrely I’ve lost more during lockdown as I’ve been walking to shops most days as still not given all clear to drive, and was finding it v hard to get my usual weekly Tesco home delivery slot (think everyone was trying to get one lol) Have also been out in garden a lot doing various things, decorating indoors etc, so have been on the move quite a bit.
I started to diet seriously after watching Michael Moseley's programme 'Lose a stone in 21 days'. Well it took 7 weeks for me to lose a stone but to be fair I haven't done any exercise or it might have been quicker. Since 13th August I've lost 1 stone and 3 pounds by cutting out carbs/sugar and trying to stay below 800 calories.

The idea is that carbs turn to sugar which the body uses for energy, so if your body has no sugar it starts to eat your fat, this is ketosis. No supplements needed.

I allow myself 30 gms of carbs each day. To make the diet less of a diet for me I can have a can of Kronenbourg 1664 at about 16 gms carbs and a small, thick slice of Warburton wholemeal about 10gms. Chocolate eaters can have a Flake at 20gms of carbs, dark chocolate has less carbs. As long as you count the calories you can have these treats. For breakfast I sometimes have a sausage, egg, bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes and that's less than 300 calories and a few carbs in the sausage. You can't really eat fruit as it's high in sugar but meat, poultry, veg and salads are pretty much carb free.
It's working for me and it's the first diet where I haven't been hungry or craved for something. In fact it's becoming more a way of life than a diet now after 10 weeks.
Some weeks I haven't lost any weight at all but haven't gained any either, even though occasionally I've jumped off the wagon and had ice cream or garlic bread etc. I'm going to lose another stone and then stop counting calories and just keep an eye on the scales. I've also lost 6cms, just over 2 inches, round the middle.
I weighed myself. Still the same. I know my scales are correct as my daughter and son go to the gym and weigh themselves there.

I'm suppose to keep a log of my weight for my consultant. I got bored of it when it was the same each week.

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Down just 0.8 lbs since last time I was near scales. Still more to make up for though.
That's a wee, O_G.
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Had that before weighing myself.
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Strange time. When I got back to my place my scales claimed that I weighted more than I did the previous time. Bad news because it was also up on the occasion previous to that. Now, a few days later, weight has dropped each day, and now I'm under last time's weight ! I don't seem to be trying harder, but it must be the difference between what I have in to eat here, and what I'm offered elsewhere.
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Onwards & Downwards: September/October/November 2020 ;-)

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