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barry1010 | 12:57 Sun 11th Oct 2020 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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I am really struggling to maintain my weight loss and it is really getting me down. I've struggled with my weight since early childhood and I've probably lost and regained over 20 over the years. I've been to Weight Watchers and Slimers' World several times.

Six years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, eventually needing three different drugs every day. I got a grip and lost eight stone, reaching my target weight 2 years ago. I was able to control the diabetes by diet alone.
Over the past 6 months I have put on 12lbs and am now back on Metformin. I eat a very careful diet, 3 meals a day and absolutely no snacking or sugary products.
I can't think of any way to cut back my diet and am getting depressed and resentful.

Does anyone else struggle to maintain their weight loss? Any tips would be very welcome.


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Increasing water intake, and cutting out other drinks is something to try, and from experience, helps to maintain weight loss.
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Thanks, Spungle. I only drink one cup of coffee (no sugar), water and mint tea (no milk or sugar), all calorie free a day. I drink lots of water.
How much exercise do you do?
What if anything, are you doing differently from when you were consciously dieting. Sometimes maintenance is a delicate balance and the smallest deviation can cause an increase. Maybe keep a food diary.
Why 3 meals a day?
barry, I can't even loose weight full stop, wish I could, but I'm wondering if you are getting less or no exercise and whether your portions might be more than they were before. Sometimes medication can cause weight gain so that is worth checking out.
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I exercise 6 days a week, cardio and weights.
Today I had:
Breakfast Porridge with semi skimmed milk and water (nothing added)
Lunch Large salad with one boiled egg

For dinner I will have vegetables with a small portion of steamed potatoes and lean chicken breast, no skin.

I have my main meal between 5 and 6 pm and eat nothing else until breakfast.
Is that all? Sounds like starvation to me. Not a huge amount of protein, no dairy, no healthy fats. I'm possibly older than you, and as a female...smaller. I'd be hungry with that.
Eating to beat diabetes has moved on from low fat/lean everything.
Have some nuts(protein + healthy fats), avocado,olive oil. 2 eggs instead of one. Chicken thigh instead of breast...tastes a lot better...and a bit of skin won't hurt. Have some full fat Greek yogurt, some cheese. Stay away from packaged stuff. There are a number of doctors helping their patients get good results putting diabetes in remission with non starvation diets. Google Dr David Unwin.
Barry I cannot understand how you have put 12lbs on if thats a typical daily intake of food.
Barry you could be holding onto water because of your carbohydrate intake. My Consultant advised me to avoid beige carbs (bread pasta oats) and legumes -beans. I lost 11lbs of 'weight' in three weeks which was mainly water I'm sure. A low carb diet is flavoursome, and filling and I would highly recommend giving it a go.
I've been doing very low carb for almost ten years. I can't eat some of the stuff I used to. I'm no longer a 'pasta freak'.
When I went low carb I realised I was wheat intolerant. This answered a lot of questions and now I avoid wheat at all costs. If I inadvertently eat something that contains wheat I have horrendous stomach cramps. Going low carb was the best thing I've done, although it is quite easy to overeat, you still have to have portion control. (and jelly babies, eaten when on one's own, do not count lol!
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Thanks for all your comments.

I did try the low carb (mostly no carb) for a couple of years some time ago and it really didn't help me. I don't suffer bloating or anything like that so have no allergies or intolerance.
I do eat lots of protein every day and I don't eat ready meals or processed food.
I eat two slices a fortnight when I have poached eggs on toast for lunch instead of salad. I don't have any carbs for my dinner that day.
I have to limit my fat and calorie intake as I put on weight so easily. Yes, I am often hungry but overall I am healthy - my skin is good (not dry or spotty) and my hair is thick (no signs of malnutrition or vitamin deficincies).

I am just getting so very resentful at having to restrict my food so much, not just because of my weight but because of the diabetes, too.

Just for your information today's menu is porridge; large salad with oven baked salmon; roast beef, lots of veg and one hasselback potato.
maybe its muscle weight if you are doing weights? has your waistline got bigger? 12lbs is not a huge amount of weight gain for 6 months but I would probably avoid the hassleback potato and no dressing on the salad
3 meals a day in order to reduce the chance of becoming desperate for a snack between meals.
You're not alone, I've struggled with this too. A few helpful points are:
1. Ensure you eat breakfast every day
2. Ensure you eat enough protein
3. Pay close attention to your carb intake
4. Stay hydrated
5. Try to minimize stress
6. Try to get at least 30 minutes exercise at least 3 days a week
7. Be consistent with your diet and exercise plan

These are just a few things that can help. I just googled for a few more ideas and came across a really good article on explaining 17 things a person can do to help with weight maintenance, you can read it here
I find eating breakfast makes me hungrier. I rarely eat an early breakfast anyway, just doesn't appeal.
Six weeks ago, I took in a rescue dog. He is fit and healthy and has two walks a day, one and a half hours each. I have lost seven pounds since he arrived. Easy-peasy:-)

Get a dog!
Tilly I know you mean it kindly but dogs are not exercise equipment. People should only have any pet if they really want one and casn put the dog's needs first
Yes, Woof you are right. I suppose I was really trying to say that doing some exercise, even just walking, can make a big difference. Slow but sure weight loss.

I should have put...pretend you have a dog and go for two walks a day.

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