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Ric.ror | 14:55 Sun 08th Mar 2020 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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What is the most successful diet? I can’t manage without carbs (and I have tried) I would have thought a high fibre and low fat one may have worked - combined with exercise (94k steps for me last week) but it’s not shifting at all -and I’ve an appointment for my bloods doing on 23 March so I need to lose some before then - even a pound or two
I’m getting fed up and desperate now


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have u tried a diet club?
I eat one meal a day. It's usually I baked jacket potato and tuna/anchovy filling. Last night was curried bake beans with it. Sometimes I have smoked haddock or kippers poached with poached eggs. I generally have greens with the fish. I have totally abstained from alcohol since 6th January. I have lost nearly three stone since that date. Works for me and no ill effects.
A divorce?
Better still SW or WW
Weight watchers no food is off limits i have lost 44Lbs.
Further to above. I also bought a new set of digital scales to start my regime. They are fantastic.They weigh in Stones/LBs or Kilos and just pounds.Salter from Argos. About £10 or just under. I have tested them a few times with known weights and they maintain their accuracy.
Dr Mosley's 'Fast-800' diet worked for me last year. I lost over 2 stones and didn't feel hungry at any time. Ditto the remark above about digital scales. Mine came from Aldi, same sort of price and I can see the reading without the specs on too ;)
Eat less, exercise more. Its working for me, albeit slowly
Eat a balanced diet, decide what is a sufficient daily intake (in calories or kJoules) then stick to that. i know someone who did exactly that and lost 24kg in 10 months. If you eat more than you burn you will gain weight and it will not come off while you eat more than you need to.
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Thanks for these replies - I honestly am at the end of my tether with this
I think I will ask the doctor when I go to recommend a nutritionist
Do you mind telling us what your height and current weight are?
And maybe post what you eat in a day...amounts/portion sizes.
You may not want to give up carbs, but maybe you need to change the balance of what you eat.
I recommend this.
Hayley Pomroy
The Fast Metabolism Diet. User Recommendation
Have you tried the NHS Weight Loss Plan?
Unlike many other diets that are promoted, it's actually backed by scientific thinking!
You might find weight watchers purple plan suits you, you get a list of carbs among the free foods

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Best Diet And Scales Please

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