Onwards & Downwards: March 2019

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ABSpareEditor | 11:05 Mon 04th Mar 2019 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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Last month's thread is here.

We’re now in March and spring is just around the corner. Is it easier to diet now the winter is almost over?


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I feel motivated.

Lost 2.5lbs last week.

10.5 in total.

Weigh day is tomorrow hoping for a good loss! X
Cheers SpEd.

Well done tinks.
Thank you OG xx
Well down Tinker. That’s what we like to hear. Will you tell us how you’ve done this?
Thanks for the March post to Ed and OG. Neither of you are taken for granted xx
3.5 lbs off this week by following slimming world & staying to class!

-6lbs in two weeks (& I lost 8 before i rejoined) xx
Good morning all, very impressive Tinker. You must have one big grin on your face.
I’m still the same but can’t complain! I’ve completely gone off fish. We have it just once a week now and I have no problem keeping that portion small. I’m talking about fresh fish.
Stayed the same this week .Well done to Tinkerbell .
Down 0.4 lbs from about a week and a half ago.
I dont eat alot of fish! I should really try to eat a bit more as my husband loves it!!

Its just something I have never cooked alot!! X
Good mofining all, I’m the same as you Tinkerbelle. Here I can get a packet of low fat etc sauce that you can just bung over fish fillers and put in the oven for 20 min. I suppose you could make your own sauce adding dill or what every you fancy. For me it’s the sauce that makes it bearable. I’m not a fillet fan but know I should be eating more of it. I like sardines with a squirt of lemon juice, ketchup and sliced olives on top. A bit messy to eat but tastes ok. Battered fish doesn’t count as it’s full of fat and tastes delicious. fillets, not fish fillers!
I like oily fish. The white ones are more bland, but ok if one's in the mood for one. Had a piece of hot smoked salmon last night. Very nice.
Stayed the same again . I am not a lover of fish unless it is covered in batter which I try to avoid . But I have to have a sauce with it .
Just got on the scales, gained 4lb since Christmas, considering how I have been eating, and not being able to get to the gym I don't feel too bad. Restocked the fridge, and the only biscuits for friends are jaffa cakes which make me feel like throwing up so no danger there. Just need some fresh low carb bread and some more whey protein and I will be ready to restart. (Scoop of protein powder in porridge makes it more filling and means I can make it with water)
Rowan you always seem to find the right way for you to deal with things . Everyone has there way but it is sticking to it , I can put weight on just looking at a cream cake that finds it way home .well done to what you have achieved .
Has anyone here tried liquid meals?
Not recently but they are a different thing now. I know they are used for very low calorie regimes to reverse type 2 diabetes.
My friend had to go onto a liquid diet due to having a face operation and they lost a lot of weight
Staying the same according to the scales.
Surprising really, considering the food I'm offered and the times it occurs. Waist does feel larger.
I've considered going on a liquid diet, spath. But after a few pints I'm bladdered and want fish & chips, or a kebab.

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Onwards & Downwards: March 2019

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