Onwards & Downwards: February 2019

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ABSpareEditor | 16:32 Thu 31st Jan 2019 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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In light of Ed's absence I am bringing you the monthly Weight loss & Dieting thread!

Last month's thread is here.

Last month we saw a variety of really good discussions about weight loss and dieting, which included a lot of hints and tips our users could try.

Did anyone attempt any different methods to their usual dieting routine?


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Cheers SpEd.
Hmph... this is ridiculous. For numerous reasons this situation where one doesn't really have control of what one eats ensures little progress. Just roughly totted up kc for today (so far) to get about 2300. Checked to find this is barely under maintenance level. :-(
Help!!!! I am in binge mode, no idea why, even eyeing up the bran flakes......
Oh dear Rowan, know that feeling so about making a cuppa of your favourite tea or coffee and with an attractive safe snack....or a walk or something to get your thoughts on another level. I find that keeping my hands busy helps. How about surfing your favourite webshops for a new blouse or sweater while you drink your tea or coffee? Good luck!
I know the feeling well Rowan .cant say anymore than xstitchers advice.wish I had done that at times .
If I have a goody in kitchen cupboard that is kept for grandkids I can actually feel myself eating it but I don’t go and get it but sometimes the devil will take over if I try to resist it .then I feel twice as bad .
Mood was rubbish all weekend, kept it to a few extra slices of toast and a pack is 3 muffins, and a few sweets in the end. I know I was trying to dampen down bad feelings as I have spent over a week really angry . I can't do anything about it at the moment. I can't direct the anger at the proper target either. Gym today might help. Wouldn't have been an issue if Dave was still here because he would have known how to work through it with me.
Good morning all, hope you’ve had a good week and if not let’s see if we can help. Rowan, is it possible to put those bad feelings in the bottom drawer along with all the other useless things in there? One thing for sure is that negativity is pointless and can’t be used for anything.....
1lb loss this week probably due to my ban on biscuits .I only have biscuits for cheese in moderation .

Good idea xstitcher I will put the cakes in bottom drawer along with the biscuits .
When you slip, express feelings here, get them off your chest, then put it behind you and start again. I'm unsure what your anger is about but here's hoping it's past, or at worst, nearly so.

No access to scales yet (maybe on the weekend) but yesterday was a bad day. Need to check things.

I opted to re-evaluated the nutrition for buttered toast, and I may have overestimated amount of butter on one slice, as the breakfast total was unreal.

Then, the previous evening I'd agreed for Tuesday evening meal, to finish up the Xmas goose leg & wing from the freezer. I was sceptical about having both but was convinced it was mainly bone anyway, plus we were only going to have half each of two M&S vegetable packs with it.

I may have overestimated how much goose meat I had, plus both the leek gratin and spinach mornay seemed to have a mealful of calories between them alone, due to other ingredients.

Then there was the undisclosed surprise medium sized baked potato on the plate, plus the unexpected surprise onion gravy. Yesterday had no chance of being within goal limit. Theoretically I should starve today to catch up, but that's not happening.

Congrats to those achieving.
Stayed the same.
Starving yourself to make up for a few previous extra calories is not going to do any good. Just get back on your original plan without beating yourself up mentally or physically.
Good morning all,

Well said cloverjo and OG.
All well here as I hope it is with you.....
PASS. I dare not weigh today .My son brought me a massive fresh meringue cake on Sunday and an iced custard slice It would have been rude not to eat them. . Strict strict strict with my meals this week and no cheating , I don't want to see the scales this week till next Wednesday .
Another 4lb off in 2 weeks - slowing down now
well done rockrose .
Good morning all, still haven’t shed the extra Christmas weight. It’s stuck to me like super glue but am a bit down today. It hasn’t effected clothes size but still.......
Did you see the snow moon last night? It floodlit our garden like it was dawn.
Up another 0.2 lbs.
Just checked, I'm actually up 1 lb since the start of January !!!
Og Think your lady has been baking again . I am still the same that cream cake just don’t want to go anywhere
She doesn't bake too often, but does have a taste for high calorie/high fat foods, which get bought and then inevitability consumed. I would too, but I try to avoid them where possible, when I'm in control of my own diet.

Eating out doesn't help as places rarely have 'five a day' heavy type menu items, but prefer to offer high flavour eye catching choices. If they do have a healthy option it's quality isn't always up to scratch.

When at hers I don't want her cooking for me all the time, I feel guilty, so about a quarter of the time we have the main meal eat out. When we're at mine I prefer to not cook in my combi but spend time with her, so inevitability again have one meal out. It doesn't help.
Morning all, enjoying the heat? Kiwi fruit is coming into our shops now, good nutritional value, easy to prepare and tastes good, also very cheap...what more could you ask?

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Onwards & Downwards: February 2019

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