Onwards & Downwards: January 2019

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ABSpareEditor | 15:18 Thu 03rd Jan 2019 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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In light of Ed's absence I am bringing you the monthly Weight loss & Dieting thread!

Last month's thread is here.

Now that Christmas is over, did we manage to stick to our goals?


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Just been to slimming club after 2 weeks off to find I've only put 1 lb one so I'm a happy bunny.
I managed to lose a kilo over Christmas
Happy New Year to you all. I hope we all have a successful year and manage to throw away a lot of unwelcome pounds/kilos. My turkey stuffing has left its mark.

That is mental RR, congratulations!

I've given up trying to loose weight. Started doing more fitness instead to try convert it to muscle.
Cheers SpEd.

Up 1.8lbs since pre-Xmas. Could've been worse.
Good morning all, that’s about what I put on OG but it’s going down slowly. EVERYBODY in my rehab training class had put on weight over the holidays so that gave me a weird sense of satisfaction. I’m not nice!
Good Morning all I have gained a pound but it may have been more as I have been back to sensible eating from last week
UP again, YET another 0.8 lbs :-(
I think you did well with just the extra pound Wendilla. I’m sure you’re at the lighter end of the weight gain.
Humph ! Back up to where I was last Thursday/Friday, despite the drop Saturday :-(
I only really indulged on Xmas Day and New Years Eve but suitably ‘beasted’ myself on the pushiron in between so have thankfully maintain the status quo.
Looking forward to spring now and a concerted effort to lose more throughout the summer, the thought of exceeding last years Strava figures being my main motivator.
Good luck to all in your quest!
That’s 120 miles in the Strava bank thus far this year after today’s ride, one has to thrash oneself in the winter and stay focused, a grind though it is.
Does anyone exercise regularly in winter or recently started a gym regime etc?
Just wondering what other AB’ers do in winter regarding exercise.
I go to rehap training twice a week and take walks along the shore which is right by my house the other 5 days. They are just short walks but keep my parts moving and give me energy plus a good conscience.
Just back from my official weigh in and have lost 3 kilos since 20 December well chuffed.
As for exercise in the winter it would normally be dog walking but I have been unable to do until last week and I started cycling on my stationary bike holder yesterday so will keep that up and try and increase it each time
Well done xstitcher and RR.
That's great, RR...

OG - I've said it loads of times that it's absolutely ridiculous weighing in everyday, No one is the same weight everyday!! You're causing yourself stress. Weigh in once a week. I could put on 2lb in a day and it'll be gone in the morning.
Actually ummmm you’re right my nurse was saying today that weigh in every day defeats the object as your weight fluctuates so much
Or weigh once a week and you'll be that heavy all week !
Oh the stress.
It’s not Absolutly ridiculous weighing yourself in every day ummm. I do it because of doctors orders and others do it because it suits them. We’re not the weigh in police here.

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Onwards & Downwards: January 2019

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