Onwards & Downwards: August 2018

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AB Editor | 08:18 Wed 01st Aug 2018 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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Hi all! Here is your new thread for August. How's it going?

Last month's thread is here:


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Cheers Ed
Thanks Ed and OG.
Down 0.8 lbs.
Should be doing much better this weather.
I need talking scales. I just tried to weigh myself but I can't see the results :-)

Good morning all, can’t complain, still the same but have noticed that ice cream and grapes do add extra weight at once. Am rationing my choc ice lollies and leaving grapes off the shopping list.....can’t control my urges when it comes to grapes :-))
When will this heat let up? Seeing rain on the telly now seems exotic. Every day we seem to be hitting a new high record. Think ice crystals, pure sparkling drops of ice..............

morning . still the same Icecream and lots of drinks but that will soon have to stop now weather is cooler or maybe its just because we are getting used to it .
Bit of a gain while mum was with me, but back to normal now, as it is due to carbs rather than calories it will be gone by the weekend. GP has arranged a B active course at the local gym for me. So that should help. Can't afford a subscription but it is one free session a week
xstitcher and wendilla.
Have you tried Halo Top (I can get in Tesco) or Breyers (Sainsburys and Tesco) Ice cream?
They do some really nice flavours.
The tubs are about the same size as Ben & Jerry’s/Haagen Dazs, but the calories per tub are only 280 -360.
I divide them up into 3 servings.
I don't worry, if I really want something I have it, just as much as I need to settle a craving. Then I throw the rest away. Knowing I will have to do this makes me consider really hard if I want something that badly.
I've been buying Halo Top ice creams from tesco whilst they're 2 for £7. I have to make sure to choose the dairy options as I'm not keen on the non-dairy. The birthday cake and oatmeal flavours are yummy and only 280cals per tub.
I've lost 6 lbs since last Friday! Not the way I would like though but with a bug (unknown but not ecoli or salmonella) which has meant I have spent much of my time in the loo, sometimes 3 times in 15 minutes. No doubt when I recover the 6 lbs will reappear like magic. Good luck to you all.
Ooooo sounds nasty, Maggie. Hope you feel better soon!

I've lost my appetite lately through anxiety and lost a few lbs myself. Don't know if that's a good or bad thing.
I don’t live in the U.K. Bigbad so can’t get that brand. I’m doing ok with my choc ice lollies. They are living happily in the freezer at the moment. No way do I intend to get on that slippery slope again.
xstitcher............I am intrigued.
I have been on AB in one form or another for over ten years and during that time , your Avatar, tome, is the face of "Weight Loss &Dieting.

Now there can only be 2 scenarios, the first is that you haven't lost any weight in which case this section of AB hasn't helped OR you have lost weight which means that you are not in need of AB any longer.
Which is it?
I am sure that your Avatar is a picture of attractive woman with a nice smile, seemingly to be happy with yourself SO, what has years and years of WL&D further to offer?
-- answer removed --
How dare you SQAD come on here and criticize our posts why have a pop at xstitcher. She is the one that started this posts quite a few years and I joined in with her at the same time . We have always aimed to discuss what people do to lose weight and also we have gained lots of people that have been helped over the years . So keep your nose out and mind your own business . Stick to what you think you are .
BIG BAD thanks for your reply will have a look at them .
Many thanks Wendilla. That was a very strange post indeed.
Wendilla/xatitcher.........thank you for that irrational post.
I wasn't criticising i was just interested.
I will not enter this sphere again.
Hope you feel better soon maggibee and yes it goes back on twice as fast . Rowan keep up the good work . and tigger
Hmmmm...just having a read here and there's no way sqad was "having a pop" at anyone. He simply made an enquiry...which was up to xstitcher to answer. Just my thoughts.

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Onwards & Downwards: August 2018

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