Onwards & Downwards July 2016

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ABSpareEditor | 11:44 Fri 01st Jul 2016 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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Hi all!
How is everyone getting on?

Here is last month's thread:

Last month we were talking about when and how much we can treat ourselves. Did you see the report in the news about office cakes being a danger to our health?

I'm getting quite well-practiced at saying no to cakes and donuts in the office! Maybe birthdays in the office should be celebrated with something a bit less naughty? How do you make sure you don't give in to temptation?


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Cheers spare Ed :-)
Thanks Ed. Could you bring in something more healthy when it's your turn....teach by example????
Well done on your loss x.
Usual state of expecting to be up when I try later. (I was slightly up yesterday.)
I thought I'd be up too OG so this was a pleasant surprise. I'm doing a little walk every day and my pace is getting faster now so I'm sure that helps. It's only 20 min. But it gets the system going. I go early 7 am and then I have my halo on for the rest of the day. I'm not a natural "I love walking person" so therefore the halo.
Oh, I do a little walk too: just to the kitchen and back, but every little helps.
Had my weight not moved over the last 24 hours I'd have remained the same for the week. As it is, up another 0.2 lbs.
Good morning all,

Ho hum about the same. I'm now removing my breakfast cereal from my morning tray and am cutting down on the fruit. On the positive side I'm able to do my early morning walk again and am getting up to a brisk pace. It's only a 20 min walk but the best I can do and last year at this time it would have been not possible so I'm hoping that next week will see the benefits of this new regime hmmmm.
To quote Oscar Wilde,

'I can resist anything except temptation'.
Got to all be good.
Good and oh so true quote Waterman.!
Down 0.8 lbs.

Probably helped as it hasn't done it's now common jump up between Tuesday and Wednesday this week.
Good morning all I posted on the other link until I realised it was wrong so got here in the end through OG link
Stayed he same as usual .would like a few pounds shifting .will try harder .
Good morning all, I'm down a kilo, the sun is shining and it's my birthday. That says it all!
Happy Birthday xstitcher I hope you have a lovely day . After a few weeks staying the same I have lost a pound .Must be sweating it off with this hot weather .
Good for you Wendilla. I was very surprised at my loss today after straying because of the baker's temptation yesterday (where I pick up my parcels from my online shopping)
Well done both.
Merry birthday x.
Up 0.2 lbs.
I thank thee OG. Try and explain this. I had a ice coffee that I wanted to try but felt it would be no good without a piece of something sinfully delicious from the baker. After conferring with my friend we decided it would be OK for just the one time. That was yesterday so it's had a day to do its worst and what happens...I go down a kilo! I weighed myself several times to make sure. Hmmmmm.
Wish I knew. Happens to me too. But I think we've figured out that, however it does it, weight seems to change a few days after being extra good or naughty.
There are times when I get so fed up with this.
The scales are making out I went up again over the last 24 hours. 1.4 lbs !
I may not make my goal input most days but I'm near it and at the very worst should be stable. >:-(

Agreed that weekends are not very controllable, but the last 'bad' day, Monday, was FIVE days ago !

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Onwards & Downwards July 2016

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