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March-Hare | 15:38 Sun 02nd Jun 2013 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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Hello - I am doing SW on line and wondered if anyone with more experience might give me their view of my food for today (Extra Easy)

Breakfast: scrambled egg (free) in a small wholemeal pitta (healthy B) and tomatoes (free)
Lunch: Melon & grapes (free), mini cheddars and a small toffee crisp (14.5 syns in total)
Dinner: Pasta (free), Chicken (free), Mushrooms (free) with soy sauce and topped with 3 x light babybel (healthy A)
Later - for a snack I may have some fat free yoghurt and some more fruit (both are free)

Does this look Ok and balanced? With the chicken pasta meal I feel like I have eaten LOADS - but I think this is just a mental block as I haven't had to weigh the pasta ..................... open to views on this!!

Also - can I swap around from EE, Original and Green at will?



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The lunch wouldn't be enough for me, I'd rather have the pasta at lunchtime (as I did today) and go lighter in the evening.
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Would normally have had more Boxtops but I was on the go ..... does it look balanced and Ok though?
Hiya March Hare, Im a SW consultant - do you want any feedback still?
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Yes please Smoball ...... using on line rather that meetings as the group things is not for me but also I really don't have time! Thank you.
Hi, I am also doing slimming world, you are not eating a third superfree, where is the fruit or veg with breakfast? lunch was not balanced but as a one off OK, dinner is also missing your super free.
Hey looks good to me,keep it up.
I agree with fgt,you need more superfree with your meals at least a third on your plate.Myself and OH have been on this plan since Jan 3rd,he has lost 2stone and 5lbs,myself only needed 1stone 2lbs still just waiting for the last 1lb to come off.Brilliant slimming club.My son went along with the plan also and has lost 2stone 6lbs.We do not think we will eat any other way now.Being in the club has done It for us,I do not think we would have kept It up If we did not go every week.Well done to anyone who is following this plan.

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Slimming World - Extra Easy Day

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