Has anyone used hypnotherapy to lose weight??

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knowabit | 00:19 Tue 03rd Jan 2012 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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Did it work?
Many thanks.


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I haven't used it for weight loss but a friend used it to overcome fear of flying and it worked.
As for weight loss; the only thing that has worked for me is the 50% diet.
I try to avoid all but wholemeal cereals/bread etc but other than that I eat whatever I would normally eat. EXCEPT; only half as much.
For cooked meals I use a tea plate instead of a dinner plate (took a while to persuade my OH that the idea is that you put less out rather than piling the same amount onto the smaller plate).
It worked for me and I don't ever feel guilty because nothing is banned.
it certainly can put you off certain foods eg. choccies, but portion control/education will have to come in too!

paul mckenna has a great book and cd! x
There is a technique called a hypnoband where they insert a gastric band under a hypnotic trance. The success depends on how suggestible you are and the quality of the hypnotherapists. They should also discuss portion size and exercise.
I bought a weight loss/hypnotherapy cd recently, and it probably doesn't work as every time I've put it on, I fall asleep! which is good in a way, because I usually have real trouble sleeping, but not conducive to weight loss.
Did you get the right cd?
Years ago I had a weight loss tape that you were supposed to listen to in bed,but I had to stop doing it because every morning I used to wake up starving hungry and I dont normally eat in the morning.
Yes I did, Gavmacp, it's the stqrt of the CD, at the beginning, where you are being relaxed!
My SIL tried the Paul McKenna book and tape, but she is looking out over her chins again 3 years down the line.
Maybe she needs to read it again ?
She chucked the book when she thought she'd cracked it OG. I have the tape.....somewhere but no cassette player to play it now.
Had a thought maybe it was a CD. I'll have to look for that.
They do cd's to help improve your memory but I forget what it is called!
hypnoband worked for a while...still find I seem better able to control the quantity I eat but I still don't think it was worth the money
I meant yes I have and no it did not
The virtual gastric band didn't work for me.
re madmaggot's comment - but a friend used it to overcome fear of flying and it worked.

Have a friend and she had the fear problem and hypnotherapy.

They coached her onto the plane at Luton, flying to somewhere in Spain.

The plane didn't even make take-off. Some incident, plane screeched to a halt, slid of the runway, emergency chutes out and a quick escape.

Her only time on a plane.............
oh no DT, that's terrible.
i have an appointment to get a virtual gastric band on the 19th,but it is done over 3 sessions,i got it with the groupon thingy which cost £99.but i am desperate to lose weight,i'll try anything.

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Has anyone used hypnotherapy to lose weight??

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