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Nini74 | 20:26 Wed 06th Apr 2011 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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i'm trying to lose my post-baby weight at the mo and popped onto this page to see what its all about. i've lost a stone so far (although bubs is now 6 months old!) but i wasn't really dietting or "changing my lifestyle" for the first 3 or 4 months. I'm now resolved that I want to lose another 2 stone in as short a time as possible. Sadly there are no miracles!

Anyway - just wanted to wish you all the best with your weight losses - i'll be on here quite frequently looking for a bit of support i should imagine!


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Good for you, nini - but don't lose it too fast, you need your energy for baby and getting back to work!
Well done Nini74. I'm trying to lose baby weight too. My daughter is 11!

Seriously though, I have lost 10IBs in three weeks but then I always lose quickly in the first few weeks. Not really on a diet, just cutting out crap. I do a lot of walking anyway so that's always a good way to burn calories and tone up.

I find that if I say "diet" or "go on a diet" I start craving bad things and it just never works. So I say to myself and others that I am eating heathlily and moving more.

Keep up the good work but don't try and lose it too quickly or you may start craving.
I'm trying to lose post-baby weight to. Little Tiggs is just over 10 months now and I started my weight loss at the beginning of Jan. So far I've lost 1st 9lbs and I need to lose another 2st.

Good luck :o)
Hi Nija why don't you join us on our weight loss and dieting thread. It has been going since Xstitcher started it last June then the Ed took over and gave us sticky thread. We report on a wenesday and give one another lots of ideas.But we still make comments in the week. Good luck .

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just checking into this page to say hello

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