Is This 'Cheating' Really?

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RedRockx | 09:50 Wed 23rd Jun 2010 | Relationships & Dating
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Two of my best friends got married five years ago. Before that, Julie and I had been lovers, and Matt, my buddy at the time, was well aware of it also (we used to tell each other the details of our sex lives).

Fast forward to the present. We are all still friends, and everything is cool. Then Matt starts making references to how Julie and he decided to do some sexual experimentation a year ago while on vacation. They started with nude beaches, then getting his and her erotic massages at some spa. Then they took the plunge and had a female escort spend the night with them. They both loved it and felt their marriage was stronger for it.

Matt even confided that he got a male stud/gigolo as a surprise for Julie, and that Julie talked him into sex with the guy.

Now they want me to party with them. Being a guy, my dick says yes. But I do have morals, so my question is: Would it be 'cheating' or 'adultery' if I did it, especially since I'm not married, and there is no deception involved?



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and if you but the latest edition of Fiesta you'll find out what happened ........:)
if you arent in a relationship then who are you "cheating" on?
The adultery is on their side.
Not a situation I would want to get involved may kiss goodbye to your friendships with one or both of them.
well, no, you won't be cheating anyone. You're up to partying with your ex-best buddy, are you?
"Being a guy, my dick says yes. But I do have morals".

Have a word with your dick and your morals, Ted and come to some mutual compromise.

Happy Days mate :0)
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I imagine they'd be happy if dick was there even if Ted wasn't.
Your dick says yes? To having sex with this girl........AND HER BOYFRIEND????
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"it will get messy"

Slight understatement methinks, vibes, my main man.........a finger of f....?
" it will get messy,"

Only if done correctly.
lol B00...
Question Author
You guys are missing an important aspect of this whole scenario: friends and relationships come and go, but I'll be living with my dick forever.....
Shuddup Ted, ya twonk, how gullible do you think we are? LOL
so whats the point of the question?

i hope you and your dick will be very happy together :)
erm think you'll find I sussed pretty quick Ted :)
you have been friends ,with both of them for a long time , you used to be lovers with the girl in question, do you not think afterwards the friendship will break down .... it was ok with them doing that stuff with strangers but it might not be a very good idea when he sees you shagging his wife he night just flip out knowing you were together before they were i hope you see my point don't think i have worded it correctly .....don't think with your cock on this occasion!! be careful , hope you make the right decision

I suggest you just carry on with the threesome you are obviously used to


Your dick

and your hand
He could always sit on his hand until it goes numb, then pretend it's someone elses.

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