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aka31_shinde | 11:21 Sat 19th Jun 2010 | Relationships & Dating
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how can a girl know that a boy loves her? can a boy answer ples! dont think that i m in love, i m just asking!


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I guess no one can see into another's mind. You just have to judge by the way they act towards you over time.

Maybe think of how they can know you love them, and the answer is probably similar for how you can know they love you.

But it's less stress to just enjoy the relationship while it lasts and not worry about putting a tick in the 'are we in love' box.
hehe same here babe im going through the same :)
To be honest there is no way to know what goes on in someones mind unless they want you to know.
Even if the ywant you to know you can never know that this feeling / thought / emotion will not change over time,

Old_Geezer makes a valid point , especialy in respect of sign's and time.

However even with this i would state that if you have to ask this question then you must have doubts even if you dont yet know or why.

When you trust someone completely you dont ask if they can be trusted , you simply do.
If you feel someone loves you , you dont ask if they do you simply accept it.

If you are not sure then you dont know and ask , however with something that involves someone's emotions / thoughts/feelings , you can only hope they can elaborate enough to share what they truely mean when answering your question.

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